04 Duramax DPF Delete Problems

A DPF (Diesel Particular Filter) is an after-treatment filter that traps exhaust soot and reduces emissions.

A vehicle’s DPF loses its functionality over time and causes various problems.

So DPF needs to be replaced.

Replacing a DPF is very expensive.

That’s why, many drivers choose to delete the DPF system.

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What is the Meaning of Duramax DPF Delete?

A diesel particular filter (DPF) is a part of an engine that removes engine soot.

Diesel engines are equipped with this feature.

There is a honeycomb-shaped compartment in which the soot is deposited.

With time, the compartment gets stuck, causing exhaust system restrictions.

Afterward, a process known as regeneration takes place.

During the regeneration cycle, diesel fuel burns off the soot and forces it out of the exhaust system.

As carbon builds up in the exhaust, the exhaust gas recirculation valve eventually closes, and the DPF sensor cannot function properly.

Trucks are generally purchased for their high performance, but if the DPF gets damaged, the truck’s performance goes down significantly.

DPFs need to be cleaned or replaced in such cases.

But replacing DPF is an expensive decision.

Diesel truck owners often choose to delete the DPF option to save money.

Along with the facilities, the DPF deletion brings some problems as well.

Duramax DPF Delete Problems [04 Problems]

There are 04 problems associated with deleting the DPF, including voiding the warranty, legal issues, limp mode, and environmental pollution.

With time, the DPF becomes clogged, which reduces airflow into the engine and disturbs exhaust flow.

01. Warranty Void

can you delete def on a duramax

The DPF system from GM has a warranty of 50,000 miles or 5 years.

Once the DPF has been deleted, the warranty will be voided.

DPF removal enhances the performance and lifespan of your truck.

Some dealerships, however, may tell you that deleting the DPF will not affect your warranty.

So, you should know the truth and be prepared to act accordingly.

02. Needs Tuning Before Deleting

how much does it cost to delete a duramax

Your truck’s computer controls the entire emissions system.

Tuning your truck first is the best course of action before deleting the DPF.

When you tune a vehicle, you modify it to meet different performance requirements than what it was initially intended for.

Your truck may go into limp mode if you delete the DPF without tuning it first.

You will not be able to use your truck as a result.

03. Legal Issues

how much to delete a duramax

To comply with legal emissions requirements, vehicle manufacturers added DPF systems.

Deleting the DPF will make your car illegal in all provinces requiring a DPF.

You risk a fine if you drive without a DPF.

DPF deletion permits are only available to people who tow off-road with their vehicles.

California, Texas, and Florida state laws prohibit deleting the DPF system.

In Alberta (Canada), however, it is legal to delete the after-treatment system (DPF).

So, check your province/state’s laws before performing DPF deletion.

04. Environment Pollution

2018 duramax dpf delete

A DPF filter reduces 90% of harmful emissions from diesel vehicles by capturing and storing soot or soot traps.

It is a known fact that removing the DPF from a vehicle will cause the car to emit excessive emissions.

Thus, gaseous particulate matter and pollutants are released into the environment, causing pollution.

Pros and Cons of Deleting a Duramax DPF

As DPF reduces harmful emissions, there are some cons to DPF deletion.

In contrast, DPF clogging causes problems for a truck, so deleting it also has some advantages.

6 Pros of Duramax DPF Delete

  1. Improve fuel mileage by about 2 to 5 mpg.
  2. Increase horsepower
  3. Less backpressure in the exhaust
  4. No need to add DPF fluid
  5. Reduced maintenance costs
  6. Reliable and efficient turbo

4 Cons of Duramax DPF Delete

  1. It voids the warranty of the truck
  2. Illegal
  3. Harmful to the environment
  4. The vehicle will go into limp mode if not tuned first

Is it Worth Deleting a Duramax DPF?

As I have already discussed, DPF deletions have both pros and cons.

Deleting DPF is not a good idea when it comes to protecting the environment and the law.

However, it is popular to delete the Duramax DPF for maintenance and performance reasons.

Duramax Delete Cost

There are so many components to a DPF system.

The DPF delete process requires some kits and previous operations (like tuning).

Costs associated with DPF deletion:

  • Tuning- $700 to $900
  • PVC reroute cost is around $55
  • Blocker plate $20
  • New exhaust $55
  • Y bridge and cold slide $699
  • Lift pump $620

Price varies by model and area.

The total amount you will need to spend is $2,000 to $4,500.


Is it Good to Delete a Duramax?

The DPF system in Duramax reduces harmful emissions.

However, as it ages, it reduces vehicle performance and fuel economy.

As a result, many drivers opt to delete their DPF systems in order to improve their fuel economy and performance.

Will DPF Delete Increase Fuel Mileage?

Engine performance is adversely affected by a damaged DPF.

It reduces the overall performance of the engine.

By removing the DPF, the driver will be able to increase the fuel mileage of their vehicle.

According to some data, deleting the DPF can improve fuel economy by up to 30%.

What Happens if You Get Caught with a DPF Delete?

Since emissions are a primary environmental concern, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) is strict.

The EPA can impose civil penalties of up to $7,000 per day for minor violations and $37,000 for significant violations.

Can DPF Cause Engine Damage?

A blocked DPF can severely damage the engine of a vehicle.

Emissions of exhaust fumes require a lot of effort from the engine.

Consequently, the vehicle’s acceleration, fuel economy, and leakage issues are increased.

Final Words

The decision to delete a DPF requires some thought.

It offers several advantages, but some people are not satisfied with it due to issues such as voiding warranties, legal issues, and pollution.

You must consider all aspects to decide whether to delete or replace the DPF.

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