04 Simple Methods | How to Track a GM Vehicle in Transit

We all want to know when our newly ordered cars will be delivered or where they are currently located when we order them, and you are no exception.

Although GM no longer offers live tracking facilities, you can view the status of your vehicles in transit by visiting their website.

What Does in Transit Mean Chevrolet?

‘In transit’ for Chevrolet mainly refers to the delivery status of Chevrolet.

The term in transit refers to vehicles that have just exited the assembly line but have not yet reached the dealership.

How Long Does It Take GMC to Deliver a Truck?

It takes GMC 70 to 105 days (10 to 15 weeks) to deliver an entirely brand-new truck from when the order is placed.

Can I Track My GMC Location?

Yes, you can.

GMC offers the convenience of the myGMC mobile app to its customers.

By logging into this app, you can track the location of your GMC by accessing the “Parked Location’ Location Service” option.

The app will provide additional support for locating your GMC location using different tools.

Parking time can be reminded with a parking meter option.

You can use the notebook option to save your parking location and photos for parking in an oversized garage with too many floors.

How Long After a Car is Built Does It Arrive at Dealership?

It depends on the car model and the factory’s production capability.

It takes around 6-8 weeks for GMC to arrive at the dealership.

How to Track a GM Vehicle in Transit [04 Simple Methods]

The most common 04 ways to track a GM vehicle are through the website of the manufacturer, through live chat, or by visiting the dealership personally.

Let us discuss these 04 methods.

01. By Visiting the Websites

how to track a new vehicle in transit

You can track your vehicles by visiting the appropriate websites.

GM provides a specific website for specific brands:

  • GMC.com
  • Chevrolet.com
  • Buick.com
  • Cadillac.com

The procedure for tracking a vehicle using the website is mentioned below

  1. Start by creating a free account
  2. Log in to your new account
  3. Now, visit the GM tracking forum
  4. Carefully fill in the order number provided by your dealer, the model year, and the trim level of your vehicle.
  5. Now submit your application.
  6. The system will provide the necessary information about your vehicle’s status.

02. By Live Chat

how to track a chevy vehicle in transit

Tracking GM orders is no longer available through GM Authority for logistical reasons.

You need not worry; the GM understands your enthusiasm.

This is why they offer live chat to customers.

You can join a live chat session by visiting the website and providing your vehicle order number to the representative.

The dealer will give you an order number.

Then a representative will assist you with the necessary information.

03. By VIN Number

track gm vehicle by vin

The possible steps to locate a vehicle by using the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) are as follows:

  • Find your vehicle’s VIN. Usually, you can find it on the driver’s side dashboard, on the right hood key holder, or by contacting your dealer.
  • Receive the history report of the vehicle
  • Review the report
  • Search your VIN in the database
  • Finally, you will find the position of the vehicle in the database.

Currently, GM vehicles cannot use this feature during transit, but other vehicles can.

04. By Visiting the Dealer

how to track a vehicle in transit to dealership

To track your GM vehicle in transit, visit the dealer.

The dealer will provide your vehicle status.

The dealer can track the vehicle by accessing Global Connect.

It is easy for dealers to print and send the status screen via email.

How Long Are GM Vehicles in Transit?

Depending on logistics, GM vehicles need between 14 and 30 days to reach their destination.

How to Track a Chevy Vehicle in Transit?

You can track your Chevy vehicle while it is in transit by visiting the Chevrolet.com website.

You will get further information about your Chevy vehicle using live chat.

What Does GM In Transit Mean?

In transit of a vehicle means the transit status of that vehicle. After the vehicle is built from the factory, it needs to be delivered to the dealership.

When a GM vehicle is being delivered through the roadway, the status is called in transit. It reaches the dealership from where it is delivered to the respective user.

How to Track GM Vehicle By VIN?

You can’t track a GM vehicle by VIN.

GM no longer offers this facility for logistical reasons.

Is There a Way to Track a Car in Transit to Dealership?

Every vehicle is equipped with a GPS system and you can track your vehicle with that. It can be difficult to track your vehicle while it is in transit. There are many ways to locate it but some sources may not be reliable.

Tracking the vehicle in transit via VIN from an authorized app, website, SMS, or customer care is the best way.

How to Track My Chevy Order?

Through the Chevrolet.com website, you can track your Chevy order.

This is the easiest way that Chevy provides to their customers.


Can you track a car that is in transit?

Many vehicle shipping companies provide GPS live tracking options for their customers. The GPS tracking technology allows you to track cars in transit.

How Long Does Chevy in Transit Take?

You can track your Chevy in transit in different ways. Chevy customer care can give you the live location of the shipment progress. Usually, a Chevy vehicle takes 3 to 30 days to deliver after it has been built.

How to Track My Buick in Transit?

Tracking a Buick is not very difficult. You can visit Buick.com and start a live chat session. There you will be asked to give the order number. Order numbers will be given to you from the dealership during purchase. After providing the necessary information, you can see the live location of your Buick vehicle.

How to Track My Cadillac in Transit?

You can easily track your Cadillac from the official website. Visit Cadillac.com and give your order number in the live chat session. You will be provided with the live location of your Cadillac that way. Dealership will give you the order number upon purchasing a Cadillac.

How can I track a car with VIN number?

The easy step to track your car with a VIN is:

  • Enter the VIN on the relevant website for your car
  • For example, for Chevrolet vehicles, the website is Chevrolet.com
  • Find the history report
  • Review the reports
  • Track the car parking

Can I track my car delivery by VIN?

Yes, you can track your car delivery by vehicle identification number or VIN.

But remember, the VIN is not a GPS tracker that provides you with live tracking information.

On the website, the VIN can be used to track the delivery of the car.

How are new cars transported to dealerships?

A cargo ship usually transports newly ordered cars from the factory to the dealership.

Upon arrival at a U.S. port, the cars are unloaded and placed in designated areas. A trailer or semi-trailer then transports the cars to the dealership.

Are cars shipped by air?

Yes, a car can be shipped by air.

This is the fastest and safest way but also the most expensive.

How long does it take to load a car carrier ship?

It takes one to two days to load a car carrier ship.

How long does it take to unload a vehicle carrier ship?

Unloading a vehicle carrier ship takes around 1 to 3 business days.

Final Words

Above all the methods, the most effective way of tracking a car is to visit their websites and get all the information.

Hopefully, now you will be able to track your car in transit.

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