Duramax LLY vs LBZ | 12 Differences and Similarities

lly vs lbz

General Motors produces both the LLY and LBZ Duramax diesel engines. General Motors, which manufactured the LLY and LBZ, aims to efficiently run their high-performance off-road trucks, such as the Chevrolet, GMC Sierra, and Silverado. Although LLY and LBZ Duramax used the same parts to build these engines, there are some variations in the degree … Read more

Cause and Solution to p0380 Duramax Code

p0380 duramax

Glow plugs are mainly used to heat the air-fuel mixture to complete combustion. A P0380 error code is generated in the OBD-II scanner when the glow plugs malfunction. The problem usually happens during the cold start and affects engine performance. As a result, understanding the P0380 error code and how to resolve it is important. … Read more

How to Fix Code p2563 Duramax | Cause, Symptoms, and DIY Fixing Method

p2563 duramax

P2563 is a common diagnostic trouble code on Duramax engines. It is related to the turbocharger boost control position sensor circuit. The sensor controls how much boost pressure the turbocharger delivers to the engine. When the P2563 code appears, it indicates a problem with the turbocharger boosts the control position sensor circuit. It can reduce … Read more

5 Common LB7 Duramax Problems and Solutions You Must Know About

lb7 duramax problems

The Duramax V8 engine is a 6.6-liter diesel engine manufactured by DMAX, a joint venture between General Motors and Isuzu. LB7 was the first Duramax engine introduced in 2001 and lasted until 2004. GMC replaced the LB7 with the LLY in 2004. The Duramax LB7 engine is used in the following GM vehicles: Chevrolet Silverado … Read more

06 Common LBZ Duramax Problems and Solutions

lbz duramax problems

GM began producing the Duramax LBZ engine in 2006 and continued from 2006 to 2007. LBZ is a highly capable and reliable engine. In Duramax’s engine lineup, it is regarded as the best. Though it is known as one of the most reliable engines, it also has some common issues. Most of these problems are … Read more

09 Common LMM Duramax Problems with Solutions

lmm duramax problems

LMM Duramax was launched in 2007 and ended its journey in 2011. The engine is similar to the well-known LBZ. It provides a very reliable and satisfying service. Though it is a reliable engine, it has some common problems. These problems can be solved by following some methods or replacing some parts. Which GM Vehicles … Read more

Duramax Transmission Rebuild Cost with Advantages and Disadvantages

duramax transmission rebuild cost

There are 03 ways of resolving the transmission problem: replacing the transmission with a new one, remanufacturing the transmission, and rebuilding the transmission. In terms of cost, different methods have different costs, and rebuilding is among the least expensive methods. If you are looking for information about transmission rebuild costs and searching for it, your … Read more

Duramax DPF Delete Pros and Cons that You Must Know Before Deleting

duramax dpf delete pros and cons

Diesel Particular Filter (DPF) reduces harmful emissions from the exhaust. When the DPF fails, it causes many problems for the engine and the driver. That’s why drivers choose to delete DPF to avoid such problems. Don’t worry if you’ve also decided to delete DPF and would like to know its pros and cons. I have … Read more

10 Differences Between LMM Vs LML and Which Is Better?

lmm vs lml

Duramax LMM and LML are 4th generation engines manufactured by General Motors (GM). Duramax LMM is the earlier version of Duramax LML and was first introduced in 2007, whereas Duramax LML was first introduced in the 2011 model year. As an updated version of LMM, Duramax LML offers several improvements over LMM. I have outlined … Read more