Duramax DPF Delete Pros and Cons that You Must Know Before Deleting

Diesel Particular Filter (DPF) reduces harmful emissions from the exhaust.

When the DPF fails, it causes many problems for the engine and the driver.

That’s why drivers choose to delete DPF to avoid such problems.

Don’t worry if you’ve also decided to delete DPF and would like to know its pros and cons. I have written all the pros and cons of DPF deletion in this article.

Duramax DPF Delete Pros and Cons

The DPF deletion makes your truck more reliable, performs better, and gets better mileage, but it loses its warranty, pollutes the environment, and fails the emission test.

So, before deleting the DPF filter, you must know both the pros and cons.

08 Pros of Duramax DPF Delete

The main goal of deleting DPF is to improve performance and reliability.

Sometimes the DPF system gets clogged up and creates backpressure on the exhaust system.

As a result, the engine gets overheated, and the engine’s overall performance decreases.

Meanwhile, if the DPF system has a severe problem, it will cost a lot to repair.

That’s why a driver decides to delete the DPF of his truck.

01. Better Horsepower

Better Horsepower

A clogged DPF reduces engine power, so the engine fails to provide as much power as it should have.

It is estimated that the engine will be able to deliver an additional 100 horsepower after deleting the DPF.

02. Better Fuel Economy

Better Fuel Economy

You’ll get better fuel economy when the engine functions smoothly without restrictions.

As a result of deleting the DPF, your fuel economy will be increased by 2-3 miles per gallon.

03. Enhanced Engine Reliability

Enhanced Engine Reliability

A malfunctioning DPF will cause more soot to be accumulated in the exhaust, resulting in a reduced exhaust process and lower airflow.

Therefore, wear and tear on the engine increases, decreasing its reliability and service life.

This problem can be resolved by removing the DPF, which will also improve engine reliability.

04. Better Engine Sound

Without a DPF, a diesel engine will sound much better than it would with one.

This is why some people delete DPF to improve the sound of their trucks.

05. Saves Time and Maintenance Costs

Some drivers use their trucks for heavy-duty work.

They’re more concerned with time than money.

DPF sometimes requires a vehicle to be taken to a repair shop, which is time-consuming and expensive.

By deleting the DPF file, this problem will be resolved.

06. Reduces Oil Pollution Levels

It has been shown that removing the DPF reduces engine fuel contamination because fewer exhaust fumes enter the engine, and it also lengthens the life of the engine fuel.

07. Lower Exhaust Gas Temperature

A blocked DPF causes overheating of the engine.

The EGT or exhaust gas temperature should be less than 550⁰C to ensure engine safety.

After removing the DPF, the engine’s EGT or exhaust gas temperature will decrease and help the engine in the long term.

08. Stops Regen Cycles

The active regeneration process occurs in the DPF system to remove exhaust soot.

When the regeneration process occurs, the vehicle loses some of its power.

There are no more regeneration cycles after removing the DPF.

05 Cons of Duramax DPF Delete

In 2007, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) made DPFs mandatory for all diesel engines.

As a result, all manufacturers use DPF on their vehicles.

However, some drivers delete DPF on their own.

Despite the pros, some cons associated with Duramax DPF deletion are worth considering.

The cons are:

01. Illegal in Most of the State

Illegal in Most of the State

After deleting the DPF, you may face legal complications.

Because it is illegal in most of the states of the USA.

02. Warranty Void

After deleting the DPF, your vehicle manufacturer’s warranty will be void.

As soon as you delete the DPF, you will not be entitled to a free service from the dealership.

03. Limp Mode Issues

Before deleting the DPF, you will need to tune your vehicle.

It’s only then your vehicle will accept changes.

Some users forget to tune their trucks before they delete the DPF, so their trucks enter Limp Mode when they delete the DPF.

Then you’ll have to spend another $200 to $250 to fix it.

04. Environmental Pollution

Environmental Pollution

Deleting the DPF will cause environmental pollution since it controls around 90 percent of harmful emissions that emit from the diesel engine exhaust system.

05. Decrease the Vehicle’s Reselling Price

Deleting the DPF will reduce the vehicle’s reselling price.

The following video may help you to understand DPF delete pros and cons:

How Much Does It Cost to Delete DPF?

To delete DPF, you must follow many steps, such as tuning, buying Y bridge and cold slide, blocker plate, lift pump, PVC reroute, new exhaust system, etc.

The total cost of completing the procedure is approximately $1,800 to $2,000.

Is It Worth Doing a DPF Delete?

Both yes and no are the correct answers to this question.

In terms of engine performance, deleting the DPF is worth it, but in terms of environmental pollution and emission test, it does not worth it.

You must decide what you want.

You must consider both pros and cons before deleting the DPF of your truck.

It enhances engine performance, MPG, and MPH.

But in the case of environmental protection and legal issues, deleting DPF is risky.

Getting caught with a DPF-deleted truck on the road will result in a fine.


Can you get in trouble for deleting a diesel truck?

Yes. It is true that if the traffic police catch you with the DPF removed, you will be fined if your state has a law that prohibits the deletion of the DPF.

In addition, your vehicle will not pass the Ministry of Transportation Test (MOT).

How much does a full DPF delete cost?

A full DPF delete can cost up to $2,250.

This is because deleting DPF requires several modifications and tools.

Will DPF delete improve MPG?

Yes, deleting the DPF allows the engine to work better than before.

It will increase the vehicle’s MPG.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know the pros and cons of deleting the DPF, you can decide whether to do it.

You must keep in mind both the pros and cons of whatever you decide to do.

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