How to Fix Code p2563 Duramax | Cause, Symptoms, and DIY Fixing Method

P2563 is a common diagnostic trouble code on Duramax engines.

It is related to the turbocharger boost control position sensor circuit.

The sensor controls how much boost pressure the turbocharger delivers to the engine.

When the P2563 code appears, it indicates a problem with the turbocharger boosts the control position sensor circuit.

It can reduce engine performance and fuel economy and cause major engine damage.

In this article, I have discussed the possible causes, symptoms, and solutions to the P2563 code.

What is P2563 Code

The error code P2563 is an abbreviation for “Turbocharger Boost Control Position Sensor A Circuit.”

The OBD-II generates this code when the ECM, or electric control module, detects the vane’svane’s incorrect position or problems with the turbocharger boost control position sensor circuit.

A position sensor monitors the turbocharger vanes’vanes’ position.

If the sensor fails, it creates a mismatch signal between the ECM and the solenoid.

As a result, the engine’sengine’s performance decreases.

When you inspect the problem via OBD-II, the P2563 code will be displayed on the scanner.

Causes of P2563 Duramax

Usually, Duramax’sDuramax’s turbo vanes get dirty from carbon or diesel particulates or wear out over time, which causes the P2563 code.

Dirty turbo vanes also produce the P003A code associated with P2563.

However, some other factors also trigger this code.

The following 7 factors may cause the Duramax P2563 code:

  1. Turbovanes are stuck by gunk or dirt.
  2. Wiring issues.
  3. The vane position sensor is worn out or has completely failed.
  4. Internal turbo parts corrosion.
  5. The turbocharger or its vanes are positioned incorrectly.
  6. Problems with the ECM.
  7. Clogged turbocharger, etc.

Symptoms of Duramax P2563

You will notice the following 5 symptoms when the P2563 code appears:

  1. Check engine light illuminates with code P2563.
  2. The performance and acceleration ability of the engine decrease.
  3. Fuel economy is reduced.
  4. Boost pressure is reduced.
  5. Idles roughly and stalls.

How to Fix P2563 Duramax | 4 Steps Process

It is necessary to identify and address the underlying causes of the issue to fix the P2563 Duramax.

Using a DIY approach to fix the P2563 code is challenging, but it is not impossible.

This process is possible if you have little mechanical knowledge.

Follow these 4 steps to remove the Duramax P2563 code:

Step 1: Inspect the Turbocharger Boost Control Position Sensor

Inspect the Turbocharger Boost Control Position Sensor

The first step in fixing the P2563 code is to inspect the turbocharger boost control position sensor.

It is located on the turbocharger compressor housing.

You should check the sensor’ssensor’s electrical connector first.

If the connector is damaged or corroded, it should be replaced.

Check the voltage on the connector pins as well.

Typically, there are three pins in the boost control position sensor connector.

Use a multimeter to check the voltages of the first and last pins.

The voltage should be around 5 volts, indicating that the pins supply electricity properly.

Otherwise, you have to replace the connector.

Step 2: Clean the Turbocharger

Clean the Turbocharger

As dirt and soot are primarily responsible for the P2563 code, it is necessary to clean them.

Therefore, remove the turbocharger and clean its internal parts, especially the unison ring.

After cleaning dirt and soot from the turbocharger, reassemble it and check whether the code is gone.

Step 3: Check the Boost System for Vacuum Leaks

Check the Boost System for Vacuum Leaks

Sometimes the turbocharger functions properly, but problems arise due to vacuum leaks.

So, you have to check for boost system vacuum leaks.

You can use a smoke machine to find the leak’sleak’s source.

Once the leak is found, repair it to fix the P2563 code.

You can also run the VGT Learn and Scan tests to determine what’swhat’s causing the issue.

Step 4: Replace Turbocharger or the Sensor

If everything appears to be in perfect condition, it indicates a problem with the turbocharger or the sensor itself.

In this case, consult an experienced mechanic for an advanced diagnosis and determine which component (the turbocharger or the sensor) is causing the issue.

Replace either the turbocharger or the sensor, depending on which is faulty.

You can watch this video to learn how to fix the P2563 code.


What is code P2563 on a 2006 Chevy Duramax?

On a 2006 Chevy Duramax, the P2563 code indicates that the position of the vanes is incorrect when the ECM determines their position during startup.

Usually, the buildup of soot prevents the movement of the vanes and causes the P2563 code.

Where is the turbocharger boost control position sensor?

On a Duramax engine, the turbocharger boost control position sensor is usually located on or near the turbocharger.

You will mostly find it on the turbocharger vane control solenoid or actuator.

How serious is the P2563 code?

The P2563 is a serious problem if left unresolved.

The code indicates an issue with the turbocharger that boosts the control position sensor circuit.

If the problem does not resolve immediately, it can cause reduced engine power and fuel economy, and sometimes the engine goes into “”limp mode.””

It reduces the vehicle’svehicle’s speed and makes driving more difficult.

Final Thoughts

When the P2563 code appears on a Duramax engine, it requires immediate attention.

Otherwise, it may cause major damage to the engine.

You already know how to resolve the P2563 error code, but I recommend taking your vehicle to a professional mechanic for more proper treatment.

Resolving the turbocharger boost control position sensor issue is a complex procedure that requires past experience and tools.

Replace the faulty components for a long-term solution instead of repairing them.

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