Cause & Solution to P0711 Chevy Silverado

The code P0711 in the Chevy Silverado is a transmission sensor error code.

P0711 code implies the possibility of overheating the transmission fluid.

Depending on the year of your Chevrolet Silverado, several things can cause this code to show up.

Here I have listed some common symptoms, causes, and how to diagnose your pickup truck to find out the specific factor that has triggered the code on the OBD-II scanner.

What Does the P0711 Code Mean

The code P0711 indicates the Transmission Fluid Temperature Sensor Issue.

It is a generic powertrain code.

It is mainly related to transmission fluid temperature.

This code appears if the transmission temperature sensor fails and the ECM (Engine Control Module) or PCM (Powertrain Control Module) detects an error.

Faulty transmission fluid temperature circuits cause this code to appear.

This engine code appears on the OBD-II scanner when the transmission fluid temperature increases.

Symptoms of P0711 Code

Symptoms vary depending on the model of the Silverado.

The most common symptoms of the P0711 code are:

  1. Engine light illuminates
  2. Overheated transmission
  3. Slipping transmission
  4. Harsh shifting
  5. Stuck in limp mode
  6. Torque converter issue
  7. Presence of smoke or smell from the transmission
  8. unusual noise from the transmission

Causes of Code P0711 Chevy Silverado [5 Causes with Solutions]

The code P0711 in the Chevy Silverado indicates the Transmission Fluid Temperature Sensor Circuit A Performance trouble code.

When the transmission fluid temperature increases above the usual range, the OBD-II scanner detects the issue.

The common causes and diagnostic process are discussed here.

1. Low Transmission Fluid

Low transmission fluid can cause the P0711 code to appear.

Low transmission fluid prevents hydraulic pressure from generating, so the shift starts slipping.

And you will notice the slow gear engagement.

As a result, the engine warning light pops up.


When transmission fluid becomes low, it is essential to detect it.

After detecting low transmission fluid, you should add an adequate amount of transmission fluid.

2. Damaged Wire

Another reason for the P0711 code error is a damaged wire.

The broken wire prevents the sensor from sending information to the ECM to identify the issue.

As a result, you won’t be able to drive your truck smoothly.


Repairing damaged wire does not help much.

Therefore, replace the wire with a new one.

Replacing the wire will make the code disappear.

3. Dirty Transmission Fluid

Dirty transmission fluid causes engine codes and hinders your driving.

It prevents your Silverado from shifting into reverse.

When the transmission fluid is polluted, it cannot move its tools well.

That is why the P0711 code appears on the instrument cluster.


You can drive around 80,000 miles without changing the transmission fluid if you have an automatic transmission on your truck.

After 80,000 miles, you have to change the transmission fluid.

And if you have a manual transmission, you must change it every 50,000 miles.

Change the transmission fluid before it gets too late.

4. Faulty Transmission Fluid Temperature Sensor

P0711 code can be displayed because of a faulty transmission fluid temperature sensor.

The transmission sensor prevents the transmission from overheating.

The engine code P0711 comes when the sensor cannot detect the transmission fluid temperature.


Replace the transmission fluid sensor. It will cost you around $100.

To learn how to change the transmission fluid temperature sensor, watch this video.

5. Defective PCM

When the PCM (Powertrain Control Module) is defective, it causes rough shifting.

The automatic transmission will not shift smoothly whenever water damages some of your truck’s PCM circuits.

Therefore the code P0711 appears on the OBD-II scanner.


It is wise to fix this issue with the help of an expert auto mechanic.

Don’t try to fix it at home.

How to Diagnose P0711 Code

1. Check Visually

To diagnose the P0711 error, first, you should perform a visual inspection.

Just go through it to check if there is any broken wire or something fishy.

Check the transmission connector, too.

2. Check the Transmission Fluid Temperature

When the transmission fluid level is low, the temperature of the transmission fluid rises automatically.

To check the transmission fluid, press the tow-haul button on your gear shifter, and you can see the transmission temperature.

By checking the transmission fluid temperature, you can quickly diagnose the issue of the P0711 code on your Chevy Silverado.

3. Check the Additional Codes

Check to see if any other codes are active.

Other codes can also trigger the P0711 code.

Fixing the other codes will automatically turn the engine light off.

How to Fix the P0711 Code on Your Chevy Silverado

The transmission fluid temperature sensor may need to be changed after checking all possible causes and diagnostic processes.

Follow these 8 steps to fix the P0711 code.

  1. Remove the 10-millimeter bolts from the transmission heat shield.
  2. Drain the transmission fluid to make the work easier.
  3. Loosen the transmission pan bolts and remove the pan.
  4. Now, you can remove the transmission filter.
  5. Replace the transmission harness.
  6. Now fill the transmission fluid as recommended.
  7. After following all the steps, take a test drive to check the newly installed transmission sensor.
  8. The most important thing is to go through your truck’s user guide.

You should consult a mechanic if you need help fixing the code.

Final Thoughts

Now you know the reasons for the P0711 error code and their possible solutions.

First, identify the cause of the problem to determine the most appropriate solution.

You can fix it yourself or get a mechanic to take care of the P0711 code.

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