Duramax Transmission Rebuild Cost with Advantages and Disadvantages

There are 03 ways of resolving the transmission problem: replacing the transmission with a new one, remanufacturing the transmission, and rebuilding the transmission.

In terms of cost, different methods have different costs, and rebuilding is among the least expensive methods.

If you are looking for information about transmission rebuild costs and searching for it, your search has brought you to the right place.

Throughout this article, I have discussed transmission rebuild costs, their advantages, and their disadvantages.

What is Transmission Rebuild?

What is Transmission Rebuild?

A transmission rebuild means replacing and repairing the faulty parts of the transmission system.

Transmission rebuilding requires the following procedure:

  • Removing the transmission from your vehicle and disassembling it
  • Cleaning the transmission parts with chemicals
  • Replacing gaskets, seals, and wonky parts
  • Installing torque converter, cooling lines
  • Repairing electrical problems etc.

Among all vehicle repairs, these procedures are time-consuming and expensive.

Duramax Transmission Rebuild Cost

Duramax transmission rebuilds cost around $1,200 to $3,500, including labor costs.

Rebuilding transmission is time-consuming, it takes 10-16 hours to complete the process, so the labor cost is very high.

The total cost may be slightly lower or higher based on the damaged parts and replacement procedure.

In terms of solving transmission problems, rebuilding is less stressful and cheaper.

Let’s check the advantages and disadvantages of the Duramax transmission rebuild.

Advantages of Duramax Transmission Rebuild

Advantages of Duramax Transmission Rebuild

Here are the 05 advantages of the Duramax transmission rebuild:

  1. A rebuilt transmission is cheaper than a brand-new one
  2. Rebuilding increases the lifespan of your vehicle
  3. You can buy some parts with a warranty
  4. Enhances the overall performance of the transmission
  5. Less time-consuming than other processes.

Disadvantages of Duramax Transmission Rebuild

Disadvantages of Duramax Transmission Rebuild

Here are the 03 disadvantages of the Duramax transmission rebuild:

  1. You will not get a brand-new transmission
  2. The process is complicated and must be carried out efficiently
  3. New problems may arise, and you may need to visit a mechanic.

Is It Better to Rebuild or Replace a Transmission?

In most cases, replacing an old transmission with a new one is very difficult.

Because it is difficult to find a new one, and if you find one, that would be very expensive and cost you around $9,000.

Replacing the transmission is a kind of remanufacturing, but it’s much cheaper.

Remanufacturing involves replacing all parts with minor problems.

In this process, new parts come with a guarantee.

So, if you’re willing to spend more, you can choose the remanufacturing option.

Otherwise, rebuilding is the most sensible idea.


Is it worth it to have a transmission rebuilt?

Yes, it is worth having a transmission rebuilt.

Because in most cases, when rebuilding a transmission, only the faulty parts of the transmission need to be replaced.

That means it costs you less but does not provide factory settings.

How long does it take to rebuild a diesel transmission?

Rebuilding a diesel transmission takes about 12 to 17 hours.

Transmission rebuilding is done by disassembling and cleaning all the transmission parts and replacing the faulty parts.

That’s why it takes more time to do the process.

Is a rebuilt transmission as good as new?

No, rebuilt transmissions are not as good as new ones.

The rebuilding process includes replacing faulty parts like gaskets, seals, torque converters, cooling lines, etc.

However, the rest of the major parts remain the same.

Final Thoughts

I have explained the transmission rebuilding cost as well as the transmission replacement cost in detail.

There is no doubt that rebuilding is the most effective and cheapest solution.

As a mechanic, I suggest visiting an experienced mechanic with previous transmission rebuilding experience in order to rebuild your transmission system, as it is a complex process.

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