3.0 Duramax Vs 6.2 [15 Differnces and Similarities]

The Duramax 3.0L is a diesel engine, and the 6.2L V8 engine is a gas engine.

General Motors produces both engines.

Both engines come with a 10-speed automatic transmission system.

The basic difference between the two engines is power and fuel economy.

The 6.2L gas engine is famous for power output, and the 3.0 is famous for fuel economy.

The 3.0 Duramax is an excellent choice for fuel-efficient daily driving.

If you are towing heavy loads, then the 6.2 gas engine would be better.

3.0 Duramax Vs 6.2 Gas Engine

Here is a comparison of 15 differences and similarities between the GM 3.0L Duramax and 6.2L gas engines, so you can decide which one is right for you.

Let’s get started.

01. Application

3.0 Duramax engine is used in different GM vehicles models, including-

  • Chevrolet Silverado 1500 [2019-2022]
  • Chevrolet Tahoe [ 2021-present]
  • Chevrolet Suburban [2021-present]
  • GMC Sierra 1500 [2019-2022]
  • GMC Yukon [2021-present]
  • GMC Yukon XL [2021-present]
  • Cadillac Escalade ESV [2021-present]
  • Cadillac Escalade [2021-present]

6.2 Gas engine is used in-

  • Chevrolet Silverado 1500 [2019-present]
  • Chevrolet Suburban [2021-present]
  • Chevrolet Tahoe [2021-present]
  • GMC Sierra 1500 [2019-present]
  • Cadillac Escalade [2021-present]
  • GMC Yukon XL [2021-present]
  • GMC Yukon [2021-present]

02. 3.0 Duramax Vs 6.2 Specs

3.0 Duramax Vs 6.2 Specs3.0 Duramax engine specs:

  • Type: 3.0L I-6 turbo diesel engine
  • Displacement: 3.0L (3000 cc or 183 c.i.d.)
  • Compression ratio: 15.0:1
  • Engine orientation: Longitudinal

6.2 Gasoline engine specs:

  • Type: 6.2L V8 gasoline engine
  • Displacement: 6.2L (6200 cc or 378 c.i.d.)
  • Compression ratio: 11.5:1
  • Engine orientation: Longitudinal

03. 3.0 Duramax Vs 6.2 Horsepower

3.0 Duramax Diesel engine can produce 277 hp (206.6 kW) at 3750 RPM

6.2 V8 Gasoline engine can produce 420 hp (313.2 kW) at 5600 RPM

Better horsepower and torque provide better acceleration for a vehicle.

That’s why companies focus more on horsepower and torque during promotions.

A 6.2L engine produces much more horsepower than a 3.0L engine.

04. 3.0 Duramax Vs 6.2 Gas Towing Capacity

3.0 Duramax Vs 6.2 Gas Towing CapacityA 6.2L engine has a higher towing capacity than a 3.0 Duramax.

A 3.0 Duramax has a towing capacity of 9,200 pounds and a maximum payload capacity of 1800 to 1,850 pounds.

The maximum towing capacity of the 6.2 Gas Engine is 13,200 pounds, and the maximum payload capacity is 2,250 pounds.

05. 3.0 Duramax Vs 6.2 MPG

3.0 Duramax MPG

For 2WD mode, MPG ratings are up to 21 mpg in the city and 27 mpg on the highway.

For 4WD mode, the MPG rating is up to 20 mpg in the city and 26 mpg on the highway.

6.2 Gas MPG

MPG rating is up to 15 mpg in the city and 21 mpg on the highway, and 18 mpg combined.

MPG is a primary concern for a vehicle.

You will get better fuel economy if you drive in 2WD mode rather than 4WD mode.

6.2 vs 3.0 Duramax engine gas mileage differentiate table is given below:

Feature 6.2L Gas Engine 3.0L Duramax Diesel Engine
Mileage in the City 15 mpg 23 mpg
Mileage on the Highway 21 mpg 28 mpg
Combined MPG 18 mpg 24 mpg

06. 3.0 Duramax Vs 6.2 0-60 Times

Duramax 3.0L engine reaches 0-60 mph in 7.1 seconds.

And, the 6.2 V8 engine reaches 0-60 mph in 5.4 seconds.

For reaching 0-60 mph, the 6.2 V8 engine is faster than Duramax 3.0L.

As a result of rapid acceleration from 0-60 mph, the 6.2 gas engine RPMs are high, and fuel consumption is high.

07. 6.2 vs 3.0 Duramax Reliability

6.2 vs 3.0 Duramax ReliabilityGM estimates that a well-maintained Duramax 3.0L diesel will last over 2,50000 miles.

The statement makes it a reliable engine, as its previous generations had oil pump belts, crankshaft problems, and other problems after just 100,000 miles.

The 6.2 gas engine is one of the most powerful and reliable engines. The vehicle has lasted over 3,00000 miles without any problems.

You may be able to get over 3,50000 miles out of it if you maintain it properly.

This makes the 6.2L gas engine more reliable than the 3.0L Duramax.

08. Engine Block

3.0 Duramax Diesel Engine Block –

  • Material: Lightweight aluminum
  • Bore: 3.3 inches (84 mm)
  • Stroke: 3.54 inches. (90 mm)
  • Main bearing caps: Nodular Iron

6.2 Gasoline Engine Block-

  • Material: Cast Aluminum
  • Bore: 4.065 inches (103.25 mm)
  • Stroke: 3.622 inches (92 mm)
  • Main bearing caps: Cast Nodular Iron

09. Piston

The piston of the 3.0 Duramax engine is made of hypereutectic aluminum pistons.

This material reduces weight and works as a heat-resistance piston.

The piston of the 6.2 gas engine is made of aluminum alloy.

Additionally, it reduces engine weight and is durable.

10. Crankshaft & Camshaft

Both engines’ crankshafts are made of forged steel.

But the 3.0 Duramax diesel Engine camshaft is made of powdered metal or sintered lobes.

And the 6.2 gas engine camshaft is made of Billet Steel.

11. Cylinder Head

The cylinder head of the 3.0 Diesel Engine is made of aluminum.

It will reduce the weight of the engine and give thermal benefits.

This head keeps the engine cool and greatly impacts the engine’s performance and efficiency.

The cylinder head of the 6.2 Gas Engine is made from cast aluminum.

The cylinder head keeps the engine cool, allows a good compression ratio, and decreases the blast risk.

12. Max Engine Speed

The maximum engine speed of the Duramax 3.0 is 5,100 rpm.

At its maximum revs, the 6.2 V8 Gas Engine can reach 6,000 rpm.

The higher the revolution per minute, the higher the engine’s power.

6.2 V8 gasoline engine produced more power than the 3.0 Duramax diesel engine.

13. Torque

At 1500 rpm, the Duramax 3.0 Diesel Engine produces 460 lb.-ft (623.7 Nm) of torque

The torque of the 6.2 V8 gasoline engine is 460 lb.-ft (623.7 Nm) at 4100 rpm

The torque of an engine plays an important role in its towing capacity.

Engines with low RPMs produce more torque and can carry more weight.

The 3.0L gasoline engine produces the same amount of torque at a lower RPM than the 6.2 gasoline engine.

That’s why the 3.0 diesel engine has a higher towing capacity than the 6.2 6.2 gas engine.

14. Engine Weight

A 3.0L Duramax diesel engine weighs 480 pounds or 218 kilograms.

The weight of a 6.2L V8 gas engine is 403 pounds or 183 kilograms.

6.2L gas engines weigh 77 pounds more than 3.0L Duramax engines.

15. Price

The 3.0L Duramax diesel engine’s approximate starting price is $2,500.

The 6.2L V8 gasoline engine’s approximate price is $6,100.

A 6.2L gas engine is almost twice as expensive as a 3.0L diesel engine when compared to the price range.

6.2 Vs 3.0, Which is Better?

A 3.0 Duramax is a great choice if you’re looking for a fuel-efficient and daily-driven vehicle.

However, if you are towing heavy loads than a regular person, then the 6.2 gas engine would be a better option.

A 3.0L Duramax diesel engine produced 277 hp, while a 6.2 gas engine produced 420 hp.

This indicates that a 6.2 gas engine will provide more power than a 3.0 diesel engine.

The 6.2 is better if someone wants more power for towing or heavy duty.

Duramax 3.0L provides higher torque (460 lb.-ft) at lower revolutions per minute (@ 1500 RPM), which means you will get better fuel efficiency with this engine.

Whereas a 6.2 gas engine produces 460 lb.-ft torque at 4100 RPM.

So, the 6.2 engine provides you with better power but less fuel efficiency.

While purchasing a vehicle, people generally consider fuel mileage.

In this sense, a 3.0L diesel engine is better than a 6.2 gas engine because a 3.0L engine provides better road mileage.

Diesel is now more expensive per gallon in the USA than gas.

In this case, two engines bear almost the same cost.

So, are you confused about which engine is better?

My recommendation as a mechanic is to go with a 3.0L diesel engine if you drive an SUV and want better fuel mileage.

Alternatively, if you drive a truck and want better power and towing capacity, you can choose the 6.2L V8 gas engine.


Is the 3.0 L Duramax worth it?

Yes, if you want a balanced fuel economy and performance engine, then 3.0L Duramax is perfect for you.

The engine offers enough power output, fastest acceleration, and enough towing capacity.

If you want to improve engine performance, you can integrate aftermarket parts into it.

The engine is top among most of the competitors in terms of fuel economy.

Its smooth and refined performance makes it popular one.

Which 3.0 diesel is the best?

GM 3.0L I6 is the best among its competitors.

The Ford 3.0L Power Stroke is better in some specific areas while RAM 3.0 EcoDiesel is better in other specific areas.

But the GM 3.0L I6 is a complete package of all of them.

It offers better fuel economy, performance, driving experience, technology, towing and hauling capacity.

Which engine offers better fuel efficiency, the 3.0 Duramax or the 6.2?

3.0L Duramax offers better fuel efficiency than the 6.2L engine.

The 3.0L provides 28 mpg on the highway and 23 mpg in the city.

In contrast, 6.2L gas is a powerful engine for heavy towing and performing.

Therefore, its fuel efficiency is lower than 3.0L engine.

The 6.2L engine gets 21 mpg on the highway and 15 mpg in the city.

If you prefer fuel efficiency the 3.0L Duramax diesel is perfect for you.

Which engine has higher maintenance cost diesel or gasoline engine?

Generally, the 3.0L Duramax diesel engine’s maintenance costs are higher than the 6.2L gas.

Diesel engines require frequent maintenance such as oil changes, filter replacements, and other repairs for emissions control systems.

But the gas engines are free of such maintenance and require less frequent maintenance.

Final Thoughts

In their respective categories, both engines are reliable.

Choose 3.0 diesel if you want better fuel economy.

The 6.2L V8 gas engine is better suited for heavy towing and better power output.

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