Are Anti Rattle Clips Necessary? [06 Necessity]

Whether the anti-rattle clip is necessary or not is a common question to the owners of a vehicle that has run more than 10,000 miles.

Sometimes, there is a rattling sound from brake rotors while braking.

The noise is very loud and annoying.

None of us wants to hear this noise from our loved vehicle.

Maybe you are wondering what I should do to stop the noise.

To stop the rattling noise, we need to use anti-rattle clips in the rotors of our vehicles.

What is an Anti Rattle Clip?

What is an Anti Rattle Clip/Brake Pad Retainer Clip

Brake pad retaining clips are also known as anti-rattle clips.

An anti-rattle clip is used to prevent rattling noises from occurring.

It is placed between two surfaces prone to vibrate against each other.

The clip absorbs the vibrations and prevents the noise from being emitted.

Unwanted pad contact with the brake rotors can be reduced with the help of anti-rattle or anti-retainer clips.

The properties of stainless-steel material structure helps to reduce its corrosion and are used to provide a smooth surface for disc brake pads.

Are Anti Rattle Clips Necessary? [06 Necessities]

Yes. Undoubtedly anti-rattle clips are necessary.

Let’s discuss the 06 necessities of anti-rattle clips on your vehicle.

1. To Stop Rattling Noise

All cars rattle when someone hits bumps, potholes, or whatever; it is very natural to rattle while hitting something.

But if you hear a rattle when you brake, it’s something that’s maybe supposed to be a rubber bushing that’s worn out.

The rubber bushing is connected inside the calipers.

This whole slide goes back and forth nicely and easily, but if the rubber is worn out, the caliper will make metal-on-metal contact inside the bracket to the caliper.

And this occurs rattle noise.

The anti-rattle or brake pad retainer must be installed to avoid rattling noise.

2. To Stop the Squealing Noise of Rotors

The rotors are the rotating electrical components of a machine.

If the brake pads rotors are all gouged in holes, you need to replace them.

Normally, people replace hardware brakes and rotors, but they still make squealing noises because there are still forgotten parts that need to be installed.

The forgotten part is anti-rattle clips.

This is very cheap stainless steel, one side has a vulcanized rubber coating, and the other has a Teflon coating.

The anti-rattle clip is better than the OEM, and it keeps brake pad parts from binding, makes them work smoothly, and is nice and tight, so the brakes don’t get that squeal that drives people nuts.

The anti-rattle clip is super easy to install.

Installing an anti-rattle clip will reduce or stop the squealing noise of rotors.

You can watch this YouTube video for visualization.

3. To Get Better Gas Mileage

Anti-rattle clip prevents brake noise and vibration, which increases your vehicle’s gas mileage/Fuel economy.

The smooth brake system increases fuel economy by reducing the braking time.

The anti-rattle clip reduces the energy required to stop the vehicle and thus saves some fuel.

Anti-rattle clips reduce the noise produced when two pieces of metal rub together.

And in this way, the anti-rattle clip helps the brake pad perform smoothly.

4. For a Safer and Effective Braking System

For a Safer and Effective Braking System

To brake more safely and effectively, you must install an anti-rattle clip on your vehicle.

A brake system is a device or a group of devices that slows or stops a vehicle.

The most common brake system is hydraulic, which uses fluid pressure to push brake pads against the rotors, create friction, and slow the vehicle.

If the brake system didn’t work properly on the wheel, the vehicle would not be able to stop, or maybe there is a chance of an accident.

If there is no anti-rattle clip, the brake pad rattle with the caliper, and possibly the brake pad will get damaged.

Anti-rattle clip restricts the brake pads from moving around and stops rattling with the caliper.

This is how the anti-rattle clip protects the brake pads and ensures a safer and more effective braking system.

5. For Enhancing the Longevity of Brake Pads

For Enhancing the Longevity of Brake Pads

Installing an anti-rattle clip adds extra lifespan to the brake pads.

It enhances the average lifespan of brake pads.

The anti-rattle clip helps to keep the brake pad in the right place and prevents it from rattling around when the vehicle is in motion.

And This will help extend the brake pad’s lifespan as it is not damaged by constant movement.

It decreases the chances of getting the wheels out of line and rubbing against the vehicle fenders when the brake hardware materials are shaken.

If the hardware materials do not collide with each other and run smoothly, then the brake pad’s lifespan must be increased.

And anti-rattle clips make this method easier.

Therefore, anti-rattle clips must be used with brake pads to balance the brake system and increase its lifespan.

The anti-rattle clip protects the wheels even if someone drives through a rough road.

6. To Get a Quiet Brake Experience

To Get a Quiet Brake Experience

If you install anti-rattling clips in your brake pad, there will be no noise while braking.

Anti-rattle clip absorbs the vibrations and prevents the noise from being emitted.

So, you must have an anti-rattle clip on your vehicle if you don’t want to hear unwanted noise.

The anti-rattle clip effectively gives brakes on broken roads or heavy traffic.

It reduces the noise produced by the rub of two metals.

Adding an anti-rattle clip will not cause any vibration during braking and will increase the life expectancy of brake hardware.

The anti-rattle clip-in brake experience for you is a great way to ensure your brakes are working properly.

A properly installed anti-rattle clip really gives you a great brake experience.

How to Install Anti rattle Clips [5 Steps]

How to Install Anti rattle Clips

You can easily install anti-rattle clips by following 05 steps.

  1. Take a small screwdriver and unbolt an old clip from the corner, and it’s off.
  2. Never try just to spring it off because it will fly off and either get you or somebody else.
  3. Then, add the anti-rattle clip to one end of the holes and use your finger pressure to push them into it.
  4. Once it gets around, take the other end of the screwdriver or a little hammer and ensure that the hardware is in the retaining hole.
  5. Now pulling the caliper down keeps the caliper from rocking. They both will remain solid as a rock, which indicates it is fixed properly.

Following these simple 05 steps, you can install the anti-rattle clip in your car.

This video will guide you on how to install anti-rattle clips on your vehicle.

Can I Drive without Anti-Rattle Clips?

Yes, you can.

But there will be an annoying rattling noise from the brake pad.

The brake rotors contact each other and cause this unwanted rattling noise.

So, I suggest changing the brake pads or to install anti-rattle clips.

Final Thoughts

It is important to choose the right anti-rattle clips.

If you fix the anti-rattle clips with the wheel properly, it will reduce the squealing noise.

The anti-rattle clip also reduces the brake pads’ vibration and provides a great brake experience.

Now you have the answer to your question, Are brake pad retaining clips necessary or not?

Anti-rattle clip raises the protection and effectiveness of a vehicle.

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