2 Methods | Duramax Reduced Engine Power Reset

If you are going for a long drive and have a reduced engine power problem, it is important to reset engine power reduced in your Chevrolet Duramax.

Duramax Reduced Engine Power Reset is a process that can be used to reset the engine’s computing system if it appears in a reduced engine power mode.

The mode can be triggered for various reasons, like the engine not receiving enough power, a sensor not working properly, or an issue with the engine itself.

The vehicle’s engine operational efficiency is limited if this warning alert light is displayed. No need to worry if such an alert pops up on the screen.

Today, we will discuss how to eliminate this problem by ourselves.

What Does Reduced Engine Power Mean in Duramax?

Reduced engine power means the engine is not providing as much power as it normally would.  Reduced engine power lights can pop up for various reasons.

Any engine fuel or airflow problem may cause the light to pop up on the dashboard. Problems with the transmission, fuel line system, or engine can cause the problem. No need to worry; it can be solved very easily.

Duramax Reduced Engine Power Reset [2 Simple Methods]

duramax reduced engine power

Some Duramax owners mentioned on the Duramax forum that to get rid of this specific problem, they simply disconnected the battery line and connected again. This trick worked for many Duramax owners.

If this trick fails to remove engine power reduced mode, then you can follow some suggestions-

  1. Replace the air filters or fuel filters with a new one
  2. Check the transmission of fuel or oil and coolant for proper diagnosis
  3. Pull the heater line out of the engine. The heater line is responsible for carrying the hot coolant from the engine to the heater core to heat the cabin. If the line is pulled out, the coolant will no longer be able to reach the heater core, and the cabin will not be heated
  4. There are 02 nuts up and 02 nuts down in the throttle body. Just loosen them and put them out
  5. Now put out the throttle body from the engine
  6. Use a throttle body and air-intake cleaner to Clean the throttle body properly. Hold the throttle plates and open them with your fingers
  7. Pull the gasket out of the engine. The gasket seals the engine and prevents oil or coolant leaks. Replace the gasket to avoid further problems
  8. Open the clips of the throttle body very carefully
  9. Now open the throttle body, and there is a sensor, and it a high chance the problem is caused by it
  10. Replace the sensor with a new one instead of replacing the whole throttle body and save money
  11. Now, put the throttle body, gasket, and air filter back in their place
  12. Now reconnect the batteries and check the dash. Hopefully, the problem will be solved.

If you are looking for a 2017 Duramax reduced engine power reset process, follow the above steps.

If the problem is not solved after applying all the methods in this article, or you can’t successfully apply the method yourself, then take the truck to an experienced mechanic.

2012 Duramax reduced engine power reset process is the same as in this article. To an expert automotive mechanic resetting engine power reduced mode is a piece of cake.

You can also watch this video to solve the problem.

Identifying Duramax Reduced Engine Power

Reduced engine power mode in a Duramax can lead you to emergency situations. So you should look out for some symptoms to identify reduced engine mode. Here are some symptoms that will help you to identify the issue:

  1. Engine not starting
  2. Trouble driving the vehicle
  3. Engine light turning on
  4. Vehicle steering becoming hard to control
  5. Sudden engine stalling
  6. Hesitation while accelerating
  7. Huge amount of smoke from the exhaust
  8. Gas running out quickly
  9. Low power in the electronic parts
  10. Low RPM rate

You may also face some other issues like low light from the headlight and interior lights, power shortage on the dashboard, low sound from the horn etc. These symptoms indicate that the vehicle is in reduced engine power mode or going into limp mode soon.

Duramax Reduced Engine Power Affecting Performance

Good vehicle performance depends on the perfect working of all components. Reduced engine power mode hinders the operation of some components. It can drastically reduce a vehicle’s performance and some examples are as follows:

Reduced engine power will affect the acceleration meaning low speed of the vehicle. Low speed means low performance. Also, low RPM affects speed and performance.

Gears changing restrictions show up during limp mode. Low level of gear means the vehicle won’t be able to perform as much as necessary.

Power steering and engine power reduction will cause difficult driving situations. It means poor performance from the vehicle.

Reduced engine mode is part of the vehicle’s safety. Your vehicle’s parts may get damaged if you drive with issues. Safety system forces you to diagnose and maintain the vehicle as soon as possible by reducing performance and making driving difficult.

6 Causes of Reduced Engine Power in a Duramax

Some common causes trigger reduced engine power mode in the Chevrolet Duramax and other Duramax engines.

1. Faulty Throttle Body

Faulty electronic throttle body actuator control is a common problem.

An issue with the throttle body actuator control will cause the vehicle to go into reduced engine power mode.

This is a safety system that protects the engine from possible damage that may occur.

When the computer triggers the reduced engine power, the driver will notice vehicle speed limited to second gear and will notice slow acceleration and hesitation during acceleration.

In some cases, the engine may stall during acceleration.

This problem may occur due to:

  • Dirty electronic throttle body
  • Failed electronic throttle body
  • Loose connection
  • Bad ground and open circuit

Use a scan tool to check for throttle body fault codes that may be causing the issue.

2. Faulty Cooling System

how to reset reduced engine power on duramax

If there is any fault with the engine’s cooling system, the engine is overheated, and the reduced engine power mode is automatically turned on.

PCM or Plus Code Modulation can trigger the reduced engine power mode to protect the engine from more damage.

3. Mass Air Flow Sensor

2019 duramax reduced engine power reset

If the mass air flow sensor is faulty or dirty, it may trigger the reduced engine power mode for some vehicles.

The mass air flow sensor intends to calculate the amount of incoming air and send data to the computer.

The computer can set the engine into reduced engine power mode when the mass air flow sensor reading is off or faulty.

Some common reasons for the problem are-

  • Dirty or faulty mass air flow sensors
  • Open or shorted wires
  • Loose connections

4. Circuit Issue

The circuit issue is one of the very common issues that cause reduced engine power mode.

Damage wires or poor connections stop the TAC system from working properly.

This can cause several problems, and reduced engine power mode is one of them.

5. Faulty Oxygen Sensor

2008 duramax reduced engine power reset

The purpose of the oxygen sensor is to monitor the engine’s air-fuel ratio in the combustion chamber.

The computer analysis data from the oxygen sensor is to adjust the air and fuel ratio.

If the oxygen sensor sends incorrect data, it will affect the combustion chamber’s air and fuel ratio mixture.

Incorrect data will cause the reduced engine power mode.

Due to a faulty oxygen sensor, the driver will experience-

  • Rough idle
  • Poor gas mileage
  • Check engine light on
  • Decreased engine performance
  • Oxygen sensor fault codes

6. Duramax Engine Performance Issues

If there are any problems with your Chevrolet Duramax diesel engine or other diesel engines, the reduced engine power mode appears on the dashboard.

There are many TSBs in the Duramax engine that can trigger this issue.

How to Keep Engine Free from Reduced Engine Power Mode

The following actions must be taken to protect the engine from fatal damage or reduced engine power mode.

  • Catalytic Converter should be checked regularly
  • Check exhaust leaks (if there are any) and repair it
  • Check ECU regularly
  • Check air filters regularly and maintain or replace them after a certain time
  • Checking electrical wiring & cables is also important to protect the engine from reduced engine power mode. 

Can I Drive a Duramax with Engine Power Reduced Mode?

Yes, you can. You can drive the truck for a distance of 50 to 80 miles.

So, you should go to the nearest auto mechanic shop or your own garage if you are on the road.

But remember, you should not go on a long trip without solving the ‘engine power is reduced mode’ issue.

In the beginning, it will be considered a minor issue.

You should get rid of this issue before it goes out of your hand and causes fatal damage to your Duramax Engine.

It will cost a lot of money if the issue is not solved at the beginning.

You should not drive your Chevrolet Duramax truck more than 50 or 80 miles because it will become a serious issue if not taken care of soon enough.

Later, it will cause serious problems like-

  • Electrical fire
  • Seized engine
  • Decreased fuel economy
  • Increased carbon emission
  • Reduce the truck’s ability to accelerate
  • Damaged engine

So, it would be the best choice to identify the cause of the problem and take action accordingly.


Why Does My Duramax Say Engine Power Reduced?

The most likely reason your Duramax says engine power is reduced is that your vehicle is in limp mode.

This can be occurred by many things, like a faulty sensor, low fuel pressure, or a clogged fuel filter.

If there is any system failure, the reduced engine power light appears.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix Duramax Engine Power Reduced?

The answer to this question depends on many things.

If you disconnect and reconnect the battery, and the reduced engine power light is gone, then, in this case, it will not cost you any money.

If the problem is in the throttle body or the gasket, then you can follow the method mentioned above (DIY), which will cost you a few bucks.

However, if there is a serious problem, the car has to be taken to a mechanic, and in that case, you will need around $100 to $200 to get rid of the Duramax engine power-reduced mode.

What Causes Engine Power Reduced Message in Duramax?

There are many potential causes for a “reduced engine power” message in a Duramax engine.

The most common causes include-

  • Low engine oil levels
  • Dirty or faulty fuel injectors
  • Dirty or restricted air filter
  • Faulty throttle position sensor or
  • Problem with the engine’s computer

Can a Dirty Throttle Body Cause Loss of Power?

A dirty throttle body causes power loss because it restricts the engine’s airflow.

If the airflow is restricted in the engine, it will cause the engine to run lean.

This can lead to engine damage, as well as the decreased performance of the engine.

Is 2019 Duramax reduced engine power resetting easy?

Yes, it is easy if you have basic mechanical knowledge of your truck.

You can follow the following steps to reset the Duramax engine.

  • Turn off the ignition and wait for 5 second
  • Press and hold the trip odometer reset button while turning the ignition on
  • Continue to hold the button until the change engine oil message appears on the display
  • Release the button and turn the ignition off
  • Repeat the step if the problem is not solved

Our recommendation is to take your truck to the service center if you don’t have basic Mechanical knowledge.

Final Thoughts

Duramax reduced engine power reset is not a very complex process.

Rather, it is an easy process that anyone with a little courage can do.

We hope now you know what is does it mean, reduced engine power means on a Chevy Duramax and how to reset the engine power on your Duramax to get rid of the problem.

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