Why is GMC Sierra Power Outlet Not Working | 6 Causes and Solutions

The GMC Sierra is a popular truck among drivers due to its numerous features.

The power outlet is one of the most valuable features.

The power outlet is one of the important features of the GMC Sierra truck.

It allows drivers to charge their devices and power their accessories while driving.

What is Power Outlet in Car?

What is Power Outlet in Car

The power outlet is also known as an auxiliary power outlet or car cigarette lighter.

In most cars, it is located on the dashboard or center console.

It is designed to accept plugs from electronic devices, such as smartphones, GPS navigators, or portable music players.

A 12-volt power outlet is standard in most modern cars, but higher-voltage outlets are also available on some models.

A car’s power outlet is usually connected to the electrical system and is used to power chargers, adapters, and inverters.

It is important to note that the power outlet in a car is not designed to power high-draw devices, such as hair dryers and electric grills.

Because high-powered devices require more power than the car’s electrical system can provide.

It may damage the car’s electrical system or even cause a fire.

Why did Cars Have Cigarette Lighters?

Why did Cars Have Cigarette Lighters

The car’s power outlet is sometimes called a “Cigarette Lighter” because it was initially designed as a heating element to light cigarettes.

The device came out in 1921 to make it easier to light cigarettes while driving.

To light tobacco, cigarette lighters have a heating element powered by a car’s electrical system.

The cigarette lighter socket was turned into a power outlet for charging electronic devices to add new features and discourage people from smoking while driving.

Despite the change in usage, the term “Cigarette Lighter” is still often used to refer to the power outlet in a car.

Because of how and where the socket is made, the term has become a shorthand way to refer to the socket.

Cause and Solution of GMC Sierra Power Outlet Not Working

A blown fuse, poor wiring or connections, a defective power outlet, battery issues, electrical system issues, or debris in the socket are all potential causes for the GMC Sierra power outlet not working.

1. Blown Fuse

GMC Sierra Blown Fuse

A blown fuse may cause a power outlet to stop working.

A short circuit or overloaded power outlet leads to this problem.

Over time, fuses can wear out and become damaged, causing them to blow.


If the cause of the power outlet not working is a blown-fuse, replace it with a new one.

It’s a quick and easy fix.

The fuse box is typically located under the dashboard or hood of the vehicle.

To be sure, see the owner’s manual before purchasing the replacement fuse.

2. Bad Wiring or Connections

GMC Sierra Bad Wiring

The wiring or connections that provide power to the power outlet may become loose over time.

It causes a loss of power, making it difficult to charge devices or use accessories.

You can identify problems by inspecting the wiring and connections.


Clean or tighten the wiring or connections to the power outlet if they’re loose.

If they are beyond repair, you should replace the wiring or connections.

3. Defective Power Outlet

The power outlet can become damaged or defective.

Overheating, moisture or physical damage can damage the power outlet and make it defective.

Find out whether the power outlet is faulty or not by plugging in another device.

If the device functions properly, the problem lies within the original device.

But if the device doesn’t function as it should, it indicates the power outlet is faulty.


If the power outlet is faulty, it should be replaced.

You can do it by removing the old power outlet and installing a new one.

4. Battery Issues

Power outlets may not provide enough power if the battery is weak or dead.

It makes it hard to charge devices or use accessories.

Check the battery voltage using a multimeter to ensure it provides the required voltage.


Recharge or replace the battery if it’s weak or dead so the outlet gets enough power.

5. Electrical System Problems

The power outlet may not work because of a major problem with the electrical system.

The alternator, battery, or relevant electrical component failure could cause the problem.


It is important to find out the exact cause.

Whenever you find an issue with these electrical components, replace or repair them.

If you can’t, find an experienced mechanic to do the job for you.

6. Dust or Debris in the Socket

The power outlet may not work if there is debris in the socket.

When you plug any device into it, the debris blocks the connection.


You need to clean the socket if it has dust on it.

Always keep the port clean.

Final Thoughts

In modern automobiles, the power outlet is an essential component of your vehicle.

Electrical components can be damaged at any time.

So, you need to find out why the power outlet on your GMC Sierra is not working to fix the issue.

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