03 Methods | How to Disconnect Wiring Harness Connectors

Wire harness connectors are complex networks.

It is easier to disconnect than to connect.

You need to be more careful when disconnecting the connection because most people damage it.

Therefore, it is crucial to have a solid understanding of the connectors’ locking system and their basic design.

Disconnecting wiring harness connectors requires proper understanding or previous experience.

In this article, I will provide all the info related to the basic design of the connectors and how to disconnect wiring harness connectors.

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What is a Wire Harness Connector?

Two or more wires are joined with wire harness connectors.

They’re constructed from plastic, also called plastic connectors, and come in different styles and sizes.

In addition, the wire harness connectors provide a secure connection, and they also ensure easy installation and removal.

How to Disconnect Wiring Harness Connectors [03 Super Easy Methods]

There are 03 most common methods to disconnect wiring harness connectors, including unlatching the buckle lock, cutting the wire, and using a pin or screwdriver notch.

01. By Unlocking Buckles

By Unlocking Buckles

In every car, there is a buckle lock on each harness connector.

Through the lock, a connection can be established or disconnected from the system.

Remember, all the harness connectors are different in a car.

Even though their working principle is the same, they have different shapes and sizes.

You will find a small pin in the middle of the connector.

Just press it so the wiring harness connector unlocks from the notch, and you can easily pull it out of its original component.

In some cases, the pin may not be located in the middle of the connector; in this case, inspect the connector carefully.

You can find the pin on the left and right sides or at the corner of the connector.

Press and unlock the connector.

In some cases, pulling the connector forward and pulling it back unlocks the connector.

It is a simple way to disconnect wiring harness connectors.

02. By Using a Pin or Screwdriver

By Using a Pin or Screwdriver

Sometimes, the connector is too difficult to press; in this case, use a pin extractor or screwdriver.

Place the pin or screwdriver notch inside the connection.

When inserting the pin extractor, ensure that it is over the pin to be removed.

Now, press the points holding the pin in place with gentle force.

Now pull back the wires and pin-extractor together.

The connector is disconnected now.

03. By Using a Wire Cutter

By Using a Wire Cutter

Time makes the connector old, which sometimes makes it more difficult to remove.

If that is the case, neither of the methods above will work.

Therefore, you can use a wire cutter to disconnect the wiring harness connectors.

You’ll need some wire to splice it back together if you want to reconnect it again.

What are the Different Types of Automotive Electrical Connectors?

There are 06 different types of automotive electrical connectors available on the market.

These are:

  1. FFC connectors,
  2. Waterproof connectors.
  3. Wire-to-wire connectors.
  4. Interface connectors,
  5. Wire to board connectors,
  6. Board-to-board connectors, etc.

How to Disconnect Electrical Connectors?

To disconnect electrical connectors, follow these 6 steps:

  1. Remove the targeted connection from other wires
  2. Using small scissors, cut the wire ties holding the wires together
  3. If you look at the connectors closely, you’ll see a male and female end.
  4. Identify the female end and find the tab
  5. Pull the male end out of the female receiver if there is no tab
  6. Ensure you pull out the male end, not the cable.

How to Remove a Wire Harness from a Clip?

Take a 6mm socket, position it over the tip of the clip, and push it inwards.

There you will find tabs squeezed in.

By squeezing the tab, you can remove the wire harness.

Is It Safe to Cap Off Live Wires?

No, live wires shouldn’t be capped off.

Live wires are a fire hazard.

It would be much better if you covered the live wires using wire nuts.

Final Words

There are chances of open wires, so be careful when disconnecting connectors.

Always follow the owner’s manual to identify the appropriate connector you want to disconnect.

The mentioned methods will work for all types of sensor connector removal, including MAF sensor connectors, brake sensor connectors, and many more.

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