How to Get OnStar Free for 3 Years and 5 Years

OnStar is a famous in-car navigation and emergency crash response system owned by General Motors, or GM.

OnStar provides drivers with turn-by-turn directions, access to emergency services, and real-time traffic updates.

OnStar’s emergency service includes stolen vehicle assistance, automatic crash response, and roadside assistance.

It also provides voice-guided directions displayed on the vehicle’s touchscreen or via audible prompts.

Despite its premium packages, OnStar offers free services for months or years.

In this article, I’ve discussed how to get OnStar free for 3 years or more.

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Is there a Free OnStar Plan?

OnStar doesn’t have a completely free plan right now.

But a basic plan and several trial periods are available without any cost.

Many new GM vehicles come with complimentary OnStar services for 30-day trial periods.

OnStar’s features, like navigation, roadside assistance, and emergency crash response, are free with the trial service.

However, you can use the “OnStar Basic” plan without a subscription.

The OnStar Basic plan includes maintenance reminders from the dealership, vehicle diagnostics, and limited access to the myChevrolet, myGMC, myBuick, myCadillac, or OnStar RemoteLink apps.

How Long Is OnStar Free?

You can usually get a free trial from OnStar for 30 days.

The trial period is extended to 3 months, or 90 days, for specific vehicle model years.

The offer is valid for 2015 and newer Chevrolet, GMC, Buick, or Cadillac.

During the trial, you will get vehicle power control through the mobile app, crash response, and turn-by-turn navigation service.

After this period, you must subscribe to one of OnStar’s plans to get premium services.

How to Get OnStar Free for 3 Years?

To get OnStar free for 3 years, you must buy or lease any brand-new GM vehicle.

You must follow these 3 conditions to get OnStar free for 3 years:

  1. Purchase or lease a brand-new GM vehicle with an odometer reading of at least 8,000 miles.
  2. Connect the new vehicle to your OnStar account after signing up.
  3. Ensure that your vehicle is inspected for safety by an experienced technician.

By following these conditions you will be eligible to get OnStar service for free for 3 years.

Sometimes OnStar provides special discounts or promotions to existing GM vehicle owners.

So, you should contact OnStar directly or check the local dealership for offers.

How to Get OnStar Free for 5 Years?

In general, OnStar doesn’t offer 5 years of free service.

However, OnStar provides a 5-year basic plan for specific model years of newly purchased GM vehicles.

You will get the following 3 services under the basic plan:

  1. OnStar offers a diagnostics service.
  2. Remotely start, lock, or unlock the vehicle and activate the lights and horn through the vehicle’s mobile app.
  3. Maintenance notification.

To find out if the offers are available, you need to talk to the dealership or OnStar directly.

How Much is OnStar with WiFi?

OnStar offers two options for unlimited in-vehicle data or Wi-Fi.

The two packages are the Premium Plan and the Connected Vehicle Plan.

You won’t have access to unlimited in-vehicle data unless you subscribe to one of these packages.

The “Connected Vehicle” package subscription cost is $24.99 per month.

On the other hand, the “Premium Plan” subscription cost is $49.99 per month.

With the Premium Plan, you will get everything OnStar has to offer.

So, the main point is that you must pay at least $24.99 monthly for OnStar’s unlimited in-vehicle data or Wi-Fi.

How Do I Get OnStar in My Car?

How Do I Get OnStar in My Car

If your car or vehicle is equipped with OnStar, you can easily activate the OnStar service by pressing the OnStar button.

In most GM vehicles like Chevrolet, GMC, Cadillac, or Buick, the OnStar button is on the rearview mirror.

You can also activate OnStar through the mobile application.

Here are 3 ways to get OnStar in your car:

  1. You can sign up for OnStar from the GM accounts.
  2. You can contact an advisor by pressing the blue OnStar button located in the rearview mirror.
  3. You can also call (888.466.7827) OnStar directly to enroll anytime.

You might still be able to get OnStar even if your car doesn’t have it.

OnStar sells kits that can be used to add the OnStar feature to certain models of GM cars.

Final Words

GM added $1500 OnStar charges (optional) to all new vehicles, which provide owners with three years of OnStar premium service.

OnStar’s premium package usually costs $49.99 a month.

On the other hand, the monthly cost comes down to $41.67 if a user purchases the $1500 option with a new vehicle.

This is the easiest way to get OnStar for 3 years.

Meanwhile, depending on the time, the OnStar “Basic Plan” may not be available on some vehicles.

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