06 Causes of Turn Signal Blinking Fast but Bulb is Good with Solutions

Turn signal bulbs are located in the front and rear on both sides of a vehicle.

Turn light blinks with a sound to let the driver know the car is taking a turn.

A fast-blinking turn signal on the instrument cluster is not a major problem.

Sometimes, the turn signal may remain hyper-blinking even if the bulb is in good condition.

Turn signals blinking fast can be caused by 06 factors, including burnt-out fuses, loose connections, corrosion in the socket, and possible malfunctions in the electrical control, switch, or relay.

Let’s talk about these problems and their solutions.

Cause 01: Corrosion in the Socket

Corrosion in the Socket

Every turn signal light remains connected to a socket.

The sockets may become clogged with debris or corrosion and cause the turn signal to blink rapidly.


It is very easy to clean the bulb socket.

First, find the faulty socket that is causing the issue.

Open the bulb cover using a screwdriver and carefully remove the bulb from the socket.

Check the area of the socket that is blocked by corrosion.

Use anti-corrosive lubricant spray over it.

Anti-corrosive lubricants are mainly made for electrical connection plugs.

You can also roll sandpaper over the socket to smooth its rough areas.

Now place the bulb in the socket and check your signal.

Using this process, your turn signal will blink perfectly.

Cause 02: Loose Connection

Loose Connection

Sometimes the wiring becomes loose and causes the turn signal to blink fast.


Turn lights are connected with a switch and the car’s electrical system with some wire connections.

Some short wires connect the lights to the control panel.

So, if the connections become loose or the wires get damaged, the turn signals start to blink very quickly.

Find the related wires and fix the problem by replacing them with new wires or fixing the connections.

In most cases, the ground wire for the turn bulbs gets loose.

You can fix the ground wire connections by keeping your car on a ramp and removing the car’s plastic ground portion cover.

You will notice a connection of five wires here, one of which is for your faulty turn bulb.

Make sure to remove dust from the connection plugs, tighten the wire connections, and make sure the wires fit perfectly into the sockets.

Now check out the turn signal stops hyper-blinking before covering the ground.

You can fix this problem by yourself very easily.

Cause 03: Burnt Out Fuse

Burnt Out Fuse

It is common for turn signal fuses to burn out or melt due to electrical problems such as voltage up-down or other problems.

It also causes the turn signals to blink fast.


First of all, ensure the car’s electrical system is off.

Open the fuse box panel, and you will see many fuses.

You will get a card that explains which fuse corresponds to which system.

You can identify the turn light fuse from the diagram card you got in the fuse box.

Check the fuse with your test light and observe the signal.

If there is any problem with your turn signal fuse, the test light will notify you.

It may not work properly if the fuse is burned out.

Pull the fuse out with a fuse removal tool or your hand to solve the problem.

Check the fuse’s ampere and replace it with one of the same amperes.

Number the new fuse the same as the previous one and place it in the same slot of the fuse box.

Check out the performance of the new one after you have fitted it perfectly into the slot.

Cause 04: Faulty Switch

Faulty Switch

Turn signal bulbs are controlled by a switch attached to the lever located below the steering wheel.

The turn signal starts hyper-flashing if the switch does not work properly.


You can replace your car’s turning light switch very easily at home.

You just need a screwdriver to fix this problem.

Pull the steering wheel up and open all the screws enclosing it.

Separate the cover below the steering wheel.

You will find two more screws holding the steering wheel lever.

Remove the switch lever by removing these screws.

Now plug in the new switch and check the connection before placing everything back.

Cause 05: Faulty Electrical Control

Faulty Electrical Control

The electrical control system is an internal system that controls the blinking system of a car.

If there seems to be any disorder, the turn signal will blink very fast.


We know every car has a battery that supplies electrical power.

A car battery usually provides 12 to 14 volts.

If the voltage drops below 14 or rises above 14, the car’s control system will face many problems.

When the voltage is very low, the bulbs blink faster.

It isn’t a major issue because the control system automatically fixes it several times.

But if the battery gets damaged, then you have to replace the battery to fix the issue.

Cause 06: Issues with the Relay

Issues with the Relay

Your car’s turn signal may hyper-blink if there is a problem with the turn signal relay.

The blinking sound mainly comes from the turn signal relay.


Changing the relay is the best solution to this problem.

Usually, you can find the relay behind the dashboard or check your car’s manual.

Replace the relay with a new one and check the blinking light.

If you want to buy a medium to premium quality relay, it may cost you $10 to $100, depending on the quality.

If you set it up yourself, you won’t have to pay any service fees.

Watch this video to see the entire process of diagnosing and fixing turn signal flashes, but the bulb is good issue.

Final Thoughts

Turn signals only blink fast when the bulb is burned or faulty.

It is a very simple problem that you can easily solve.

Once you have found the cause of the issue, you will be able to fix the issue yourself easily.

Don’t panic; figure out what’s wrong and then fix it.

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