11 Differences of 4 Inch Lift Vs 6 Inch Lift Silverado

The Chevy Silverado is an excellent truck for users to gaze at and to operate. There are many options for improving your Chevy Silverado’s off-road capability and appearance.

The lift kit is one of the most popular modifications you can implement in your Silverado. But before deciding between a 4-inch and a 6-inch lift kit, you must know the pros and cons of installing them.

Understanding the advantages and potential disadvantages of both 4-inch and 6-inch lift kits is very important. I have discussed the 4 and 6-inch lift kits and distinguished between them so that you can understand which is better for your truck.

Instead of 4 and 6-inch, there is also a 3-inch lift kit available for Silverado.

However, 4 inch lift vs 6 inch lift Silverado has 11 differences and similarities, including height of lifting, offroad capabilities, fuel consumption, installation costs, legalities, etc.

Let’s briefly discuss them:

1. Height of Lifting

Height of Lifting

The height of the lift is the main difference between a 4-inch lift kit and a 6-inch lift kit. The 4-inch lift raises the height of your Silverado by four inches, providing more clearance and allowing for wider tires.

On the other hand, a 6-inch lift elevates your Silverado six inches over its original height, which makes it substantially higher than the 4-inch lift kit. This extra clearance enables larger tires and greater off-roading options.

2. Compatibility of Tires

Each type of lift kit can fit different sizes of tires in your Silverado 1500. 34-35-inch tires fit on a 4-inch lift, while 36″ and 37″ tires can fit on a 6-inch lift.

So, the 6-inch lift can fit bigger tires, offering you more off-roading than the 4-inch lift. However, you must know the safe height and wheel types before purchasing a tire.

3. Compatibility of Gear Ratio

Compatibility of Gear Ratio

Finding the right gear ratio when adding a lift kit is important, especially if you plan to drive off-road. There are different sizes and weights of lifts and tires, so you’ll need to check if your truck’s gear ratio can handle it.

A 3.55 gear ratio should be enough for a truck with 33-inch tires and a 4-inch suspension lift kit. But if the tire size goes up to 34 inches or more, you should aim for higher ratios of 3.73 or 3.91.

On the other hand, a 4.10–4.53 gear ratio is essential for 35-inch tires with a 6-inch lift. The ratio can get higher with a bigger tire and different compatibility.

4. Suspension Parts

4-inch and 6-inch lifting kits need specific suspension parts to be installed correctly in your Silverado. There are differences in many components, like sway bars, links, control arms, brackets, shocks, struts, etc.

For longer-lasting performance, it is always best to install parts of higher quality. However, you should always choose parts that are compatible and within safety regulations.

5. Riding Quality

Riding quality is hugely different if you compare a 4-inch lift kit to a 6-inch lift kit in a Silverado. Naturally, a 4-inch lift kit elevates your truck by 4 inches, which takes the suspension parts far away from the vehicle body.

Which means your truck will be able to go up and down. This extra suspension movement helps lower vibrations and shock from rough terrain.

That means you will have a smooth riding experience with a 4-inch lift. However, the 6-inch lifts can handle rougher roads better than the 4-inch lifts.

But their higher center of gravity means they generally still have more body roll than vehicles with lower lifts. Also, it is costly to install higher shock absorbers and springs.

6. Off-Road Capabilities

Off-Road Capabilities

When you take your Silverado off-road, there is no doubt that the 6-inch lifts work much better than the 4-inch lifts. The 6-inch lift gives you more ground clearance, making crossing over obstacles easier.

With more suspension movement, drivers can drive up and over rougher roads and obstacles without worrying about their comfort. It would not be possible with only 4-inch lifts.

Besides that, these kits usually come with bigger tires than what is available in normal sizes for 4x4s. They have a bigger contact patch, allowing much more grip on rough ground.

7. Garage Space

Either lift kit will require changes to the space in your garage. Both lifts will need taller storage spaces so that they can fit easily in garages or other storage buildings like sheds.

Also, keep in mind that if you want the highest ground level, a 6-inch kit will require more height than a 4-inch kit.

8. Fuel Consumption

Fuel Consumption

If you want to install lift kits in your Silverado, you should know that the gas mileage reduces drastically after installing lift kits. Bigger lifts make the suspensions heavier, making the truck harder to drive and less efficient.

Also, trucks with bigger lifts use more gas than trucks with minor lifts because big wheels increase moving resistance. That is why Silverados with a lift kit often get worse gas economy than stock Silverados.

It is even lower than the four-wheel-drive trucks that have been slightly raised using shorter lifts.

9. Driving Experience

The driving experience in your Silverado will change if you install any of the 4-inch or 6-inch lifts. On smooth roads, a 4-inch lift kit makes the ride smoother and improves the handling.

A higher ride height makes it easier for trucks to avoid bigger barriers than stock suspension systems. But it can cause the body to roll when turning quickly.

Also, a 6-inch lift gives you more ground clearance than a 4-inch kit because it’s bigger and higher off the ground. However, a higher center of gravity can make the ride rougher on pavement.

10. Legalities


If you want to put any kind of lift kit on your Silverado, you should check with your local government. Some of the states have different rules about modifications.

It’s especially important if you’re considering getting a 6-inch lift kit since there may be rules about how high you can raise your truck. Additionally, some states have rigid regulations about what size tires you can install in a truck.

Because of this, you should make sure you are not breaking any laws before starting the modification process.

11. Cost of Installation

The cost of installation will vary depending on the kind of lift kit you choose. Also, the process may differ according to your Silverado’s trims and model years.

However, 4-inch lifts are less expensive than 6-inch lifts because they need fewer parts and less time to install. Usually, installing a 6-inch lift takes longer than a 4-inch lift because it needs more parts.

Due to this, the work required to modify the 6-inch lift will be substantially more expensive.

What is a Lift kit?

What is a Lift Kit

Lift kits are modification accessories that elevate your vehicle’s body or suspension above the ground. Usually, trucks or SUVs get these accessories to improve their off-road capability and aesthetic appeal.

This modification includes installing taller suspension components, such as shocks or springs, or adding spacers to obtain the required lift. Lift kits are popular among off-road enthusiasts to improve a vehicle’s off-road performance and look.

Lift kits can increase ground clearance and allow for the use of wider tires. However, installing a lift kit must be done carefully and in line with local rules, as it may change how the vehicle handles and rides.

Pros and Cons of 4 Inch Lift Vs 6 Inch Lift Silverado

Pros and Cons of Lift Kits

There are pros and cons to installing a lift kit, and you should consider them before deciding.

The 4 Pros of Lift Kits Are:

1. Higher Ground Clearance: Lift kits raise the vehicle’s height, making it easier to get around rocks, branches, and rough terrain that you might find off-road.

2. Bigger Tires: A lift kit lets you put on bigger tires, which can help your vehicle’s off-road performance and make it look better.

3. Better off-road performance: Lifted trucks have better approach, departure, and breakover angles, which makes them better for off-roading.

4. Better visibility: The higher seat can make it easier to see, especially when you’re off-roading.

The 5 Cons of Lift Kits Are:

1. Changes in Center of Gravity: Raising a vehicle makes its center of gravity bigger, which could make it less stable, especially when making fast turns or quick moves.

2. Less Comfortable Driving on Paved Roads: Because the suspension geometry has changed, lifted trucks may need to handle or ride better on paved roads.

3. More fuel is used: Bigger tires and higher ground clearance make your truck use more gas than the stock lift kit.

4. Costs of Installation: Lift kits are expensive, and hiring a professional to install them is necessary, which increases the overall cost.

5. Legal and safety concerns: Some places have rules about the highest lift that can be used in those places, and going over these limits can get you in trouble with the law. Also, high lifts can make rollovers more likely.


What is the average cost of installing a 4-inch lift kit on a Silverado?

Installation costs for a 4-inch lift kit might vary based on your Silverado’s trim and model year. But the average cost is between $1,500 and $3,500.

How much does it cost to install a 6-inch lift kit on a Silverado?

Installing a 6-inch lift kit might cost between $2,000 and $5,000. The cost is higher compared to 4-inch lifts as they contain more and bigger parts. However, the cost may vary depending on your Silverado’s trim level and model year.

Can you put a lifted Silverado back to stock?

Yes, you can put a lifted Silverado to its stock suspension height. But it will require more time, labor, expertise, and money.

How do you maintain a lifted Silverado?

You can maintain a lifted Silverado with regular maintenance. It includes suspension inspection, checking tire pressure, rotating tires, alignment checking, etc.

Final Thoughts

I have discussed the lift kits, their pros and cons, and the differences between 4-inch and 6-inch lifts. If you want practical off-roading capabilities at an affordable cost, a 4-inch lift is a good option.

You will get stock-like handling, driving, and mileage with great off-road capability and a badass look. However, 6-inch lift kits will elevate your off-road experience much higher.

The choice is yours about which type of lift kit you should install in your Silverado. Whatever you do, I suggest you do research on the rules and regulations and seek professional help during modifications.

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