Leveling Kit Silverado 3 Inch Lift Before and After

The purpose of installing a leveling kit is to achieve elevated ground clearance, which is essential for off-road drives. Trucks with leveling kits have smoother rides, sharper handling, and more precise alignment for optimal off-road performance.

Lifting your Silverado will improve ground clearance and eliminate factory rake, making it look more balanced and aggressive. You will adore the changes that the leveling kit would bring to your truck as an off-road driver. If you are interested in off-roading, here you will be introduced to some facts that are essential for you to know.

Today, I will explain why you should install the 3-inch leveling kit as an off-road enthusiast by familiarizing you with the lifting before and after. Your adventurous journey needs the comfort a leveling kit offers on uneven roads.

It would be in your best interest to purchase and install the leveling kit, as it allows for larger tire installation, enabling improved off-road capability and traction, accompanied by its rugged look.

By now, you should be aware of why leveling kits are installed. But before we begin, let’s learn the lifting process elaborately. There are different levels at which you can lift your truck, and each depends on the extremes you may reach in terms of off-roading.

There are 2-inch lift kits that are suitable for moderate levels of off-roading. It merely avoids hitting uneven ground when driving off-road. On the other hand, a 3-inch lift kit elevates the truck to successfully traverse the harsher landscape, cutting down on the risk of thrashing and enabling a peaceful ride.

The most widely used lift kits are:

  1. Mammoth Leveling Kit
  2. Motofab Leveling Kit
  3. Rough Country Lift Kit

Get informed. Before you go and put in a leveling kit, you should get to know your truck. It’s critical that you equip your Silverado with a suitable lift kit. As a result, it might be wise to wait until you have more data before making a final choice about your investment.

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4 Benefits of a 3 Inch Leveling Kit on Your Silverado

is a 3 inch leveling kit bad for your truck

Let me inform you about the mind-blowing, jaw-dropping, and absolutely incredible benefits of a lift on a truck! Prepare to be amazed because this is going to be out-of-this-world exciting! Picture this: your truck, soaring high above the ground like a majestic eagle in the sky.

Now let’s begin discussing the enhanced:

1. Elegant Appearance

Leveling kits are commonly fitted by truck owners who aim to enhance the aesthetics of their vehicles.

The leading portion of stock trucks typically features a “rake” configuration, meaning it is substantially lower than the rear end.

Leveling kits lift the front head of the automobile, giving the impression that it is more adequately proportioned and more intimidating.

2. Allows Bigger Tires to be Fitted

The leveling kit will elevate your truck, creating a greater difference in height from the ground.

This lifting permits plenty of space for junky tires to be installed. The benefit of installing larger tires is that it upgrades off-road accomplishments by allowing adequate grip on the ground, canceling out the risks while driving on frosty, slithery surfaces.

Besides the ground clearance, this feature will also manipulate the fierce look of your truck.

The capability of hauling and load bearing: Installing a leveling kit can be advantageous for dragging heavy loads.

They distribute the weight evenly among the front and rear axles, enhancing the automobile’s stability and towing.

3. Raises the Frontal Portion of the Truck

Positioning the vehicle higher induces front-end clearance. The front-end clearance eliminates the chances of the underlying structure or bumper scraping against the bumpy and rough landscape. Driving through the rocks and debris can be relaxing.

4. Personalization

The leveling kit on your Silverado will be customized to make it look bold and dynamic. If you ever intend to sell the truck, it will have a positive visual impact on the buyers, which may lead to an increase in the selling price.

Its appearance, along with its facilities of smooth drive-throughs on rough surfaces, improved focus of the headlight, and a broader view of the road, will speak for itself.

5 Drawbacks of a 3 Inch Leveling Kit on Your Silverado

1. Traveling Discomfort

If the leveling kit is not installed correctly, the quality of the ride may be hampered. The change in suspension geometry may result in stiffer and less comfortable rides, accompanied by jarring on uneven terrain.

2. Higher Potential for Tipping Over

elevating the truck’s front end increases the automobile’s center of gravity, making it less balanced. The reduction in stability increases the chances for the vehicle to roll over. It also brings changes to the driveline angles, which affect the damage to components.

3 . Significant Reduction in Fuel Efficiency

The aerodynamics of the truck change due to lifting. The reduction of the streamlined effect results in increased air resistance acting upon it, therefore reducing fuel efficiency.

4. Costly to Maintain

The lift kits require additional maintenance, which is an essential component of the cost estimate for the modification’s original and ongoing costs.

5. Legal Permissions Required

Lift kits may be subject to rules that differ by location; therefore, considering the law and safety before purchasing one is essential.

An illegal amount of lift can also compromise the vehicle’s security, increasing the likelihood that it will roll over. It is necessary to research the area’s local laws and safety requirements.

Leveling Kit Silverado 3 Inch Lift Before and After

Before installing the 3-inch lift kit

The Silverado is closer to the ground on the front end. This feature is widely evident in trucks. The rear end is significantly higher in level compared to the front end due to the “rake.” It improves the distribution of weight.

Let’s learn what happens after the installation of the lift kit.

Your Silverado will get elevated to relatively 3 inches. The lift gives the truck an aligned and sturdy appearance so the factory rake can be discarded.

As I stated earlier, the lifted front portion leaves more room. Hence, larger tires can be adapted.

The benefit of fitting larger tires is that it maximizes ground clearance and enables better off-road performance.

Furthermore, the elevation from the surface helps overcome obstacles even better. You can now tackle your truck on steeply inclined planes effectively. However, there might be some cons in terms of the quality of the ride as a result of the change in suspension geometry.

It is vital to install the lift kit carefully to eliminate these effects. Before attempting any difficult stunt, you must familiarize yourself with driving techniques because lifted trucks are more likely to roll over.

Things to be Aware of:

  • You must be aware of the purpose of installing the lift kit because it will lead you to select the suitable leveling kit. Each lift kit helps achieve different goals, including changing your truck’s look, improving off-road performance, or improving towing capability.
  • You will not benefit if you opt for the cheaper options, as they may result in low-quality components and lead to safety hazards on the road. Take your time to do research to find out the well-known manufacturer before you invest your valuable money.
  • Finding a professional to install the lift kit can yield a satisfying result. With proper installation, safety hazards and good service will be evident.

How to Install 3 Inch Leveling Kit Silverado [DIY Method]

Installing the lift kit in your Silverado would take about four hours.

The tools that are used to install it are mentioned below:

  • Impact gun
  • Impact Air Gun
  • A 10-millimeter deep socket, a 13-millimeter deep socket, a 15-millimeter deep socket, a 17-millimeter deep socket, a 21-millimeter deep socket, and a 22-millimeter deep socket
  • 8-millimeter Hex socket or Allen key, 5.5-millimeter Allen key
  • 15-millimeter wrench, 17-millimeter wrench, and 21-millimeter wrench
  • Recommended 15-millimeter and 18-millimeter ratcheting wrench
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Pry bar
  • Panel removal tool
  • A hammer

The leveling kit shall contain spacer blocks in addition to longer U-bolts to accommodate the added lift material.

Keep in mind that you must read and follow the instructions on the lift kit thoroughly. It is highly recommended to carry out this task under the supervision of a professional mechanic if you’re not confident enough.

For the visual process, watch this video.

3 Inch Lifted Silverado Gas Mileage

The gas mileage will be lower on a lifted Silverado than it would be on a stock Silverado.

The explanation for this is that a truck with a fitted lift kit gains weight. Lift kits, in general, are heavy, so when they are added to trucks automatically, their weight increases.

All of this requires greater force to make the truck move, reducing the gas mileage.

In particular, how the gas mileage will change depends on the size and kind of lift kit used.

Other factors that might cause the gas mileage to vary are how the driver handles the car and the type of landscape it gets driven over.

Silverado 3 Inch Leveling Kit Cost

How much could a lift kit cost? Well, numerous types of lift kits are available and sold by multiple companies. The cost of the lift kit depends on these differences.

The average cost of various 3-inch lift kits for Silverado ranges from $699.00 to $8500.00. Besides the cost of the lift kit, you must also consider the installation cost. Your investment in the lift kit doesn’t end here. It is vital to take maintenance into account.

Final Thoughts

This article intends to provide a detailed description of installing a 3-inch lift kit on your Silverado. The 3-inch lift is mainly adapted for trucks likely to travel off-road daily.

Off-road surfaces are uneven; they tend to be rough and inclined, which interferes with the smooth driving of a truck with a 2-inch lift by hitting the front bumper or undercarriage of the automobile.

A 3-inch lift kit avoids such circumstances, and not only that, but it also presents a bulky and aesthetic appearance, allowing you to experience the perfect vision of your journey.

In order to prevail over the luxuries mentioned above, the owners should keep a soundtrack of the critical notes on the maintenance and installation of the leveling kit.

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