10 Chevy Cruze Maintenance Tips [+Maintenance Cost]

A properly maintained Chevy Cruze will last longer than the neglected one.

Many Chevrolet Cruze owners don’t know how to maintain their cars properly.

As a result, their cars get damaged very soon for the lack of maintenance.

Today I will discuss 8 basic maintenance tips that will enhance the performance as well as the longevity of your car.

10 Chevy Cruze Maintenance Tips

Maintenance is the key to enhancing the longevity of every vehicle.

Here are 10 basic maintenance tips to ensure a longer lifespan for Chevy Cruze.

1. Tire Pressure

GM recommends keeping the tire pressure of all wheels at 30 psi.

You will have a good grip while braking at 30 psi tire pressure.

But if you want to increase the fuel consumption a little bit more, keep all the tire pressure at 35 psi.

2. Use Suitable Engine Oil

General Motors Company recommended 5W-30 engine oil grade for Chevy Cruze.

The Society of Automotive Engineers, known as SAE, also recommended SAE 5W-30 grade engine oil for Chevrolet Cruze.

SAE recommended engine oil is the best option for choosing from different grades.

You must use fully synthetic engine oil in your vehicle.

Synthetic engine oil reduces erosion and prolongs the life of major components of the engine of the car.

Using SAE 5W-30 grade synthetic engine oil is the best that you can do for your car.

3. Change the Brake Pad

You should change the brake pads of your Chevy Cruze every 40000 miles.

It will reduce the chances of accidents and help you to brake your car more confidently.

A good braking system ensures safer rides.

4. Change the Coolant

The coolant absorbs the extra heat of the engine and keeps the engine cold.

Coolant also functions as an anti-freezer.

The coolant dries up every 100000 to 150000 miles.

So, Change the coolant every 130000 miles.

5. Change the Engine Oil Every 7000 Miles

Use the synthetic engine oil and change it after running 7,000 miles.

You should change the engine oil every 7k miles without any exceptions.

It will help your engine to run smoothly and prolong its longevity of the engine.

6. Change the Air Filter Timely

The air filter is an important component for the longevity and mileage of a car.

Like engine oil, the air filter needs to be changed.

It will be good if you clean the air filter every 10000 miles.

But after driving 20k miles, you must change the air filter to get better performance and gas mileage.

You must change the air filter every 20000 miles if you drive in normal conditions.

If you drive most of the time in dusty and smokey areas, you must change it every 15000 miles.

Changing the air filter timely enhances the engine’s longevity and the car’s.

Air filter replacement in Chevy Cruze costs approximately $50 to $100, including parts and labor costs.

7. Spark Plug

The spark plug is one of the most important parts of a car.

It burns the fuel in the combustion chamber.

So, If the spark plug doesn’t do its job properly, you will be in big trouble.

There are 03 spark plugs available in the market, Copper, Iridium, and Platinum.

Iridium is the best choice cause it can burn fuel more efficiently than copper or platinum spark plugs.

Iridium spark plug also lasts longer than platinum or copper spark plug.

So, using an iridium spark plug in your car is best.

Chevy Cruze has a 1.4, 1.6 L, and 1.8L 4-cylinder engine.

There is 1 spark plug in every cylinder.

So Chevy Cruze has 4 spark plugs in total.

Chevy cruise has inbuilt 4 iridium spark plugs under the hood.

You must change the inbuilt iridium spark plugs every 60,000 miles.

If you don’t replace the spark plugs after driving 70k miles, the spark plugs won’t be able to burn the fuel and ratio in the combustion chamber, and the engine’s life span will be reduced.

It’s better to replace the iridium spark plug with another iridium spark plug.

But don’t replace them with copper or platinum spark plugs.

Iridium spark plugs have some benefits, including a longer replacement period of 70k miles, and you will get better gas mileage.

Replacing all the spark plugs will cost around $370 to $550.

Don’t replace 1 or 2 faulty spark plugs.

Rather, you need to replace all 4 spark plugs at once.

8. Rapid Acceleration

Don’t accelerate rapidly after just starting the car.

Instead, accelerate slowly cause slow acceleration doesn’t damage the engine’s lifespan.

Use reverse mode after the car stops, or it will damage the transmission system.

9. Keep the Car in the Garage

To protect your Chevy Cruze from bird dropping and hot weather, store Chevy Cruze in the garage.

Bad weather will harm your vehicle.

It reduces the lifespan of your vehicle slowly.

Too hot weather damages the paint and some internal parts of the vehicle.

Too much rain and cold also reduce the battery’s lifespan and other internal parts.

10. Change Faulty Parts

If you ever find any parts have a fault or any electronic system is not working properly.

Or the engine and the transmission system are not working smoothly but are hesitant.

Then go to the dealer shop or an expert mechanic.

One fault of a car led to another.

So it’s wise to fix the problem at the beginning.

Chevy Cruze Maintenance Cost

The maintenance cost of a Chevy Cruze will vary depending on the model year and trim level.

A Chevy Cruze’s average maintenance cost is around $700 per year.

The repair cost of other vehicles at the same price is around $1000 to 1200.

So compared to vehicles of the same segment, Cruze will cost you fewer bucks for repairs.

This repair cost doesn’t include any modification.

Rather it’s a very basic maintenance cost.

If you buy a used Chevrolet Cruze, it will cost you more bucks as maintenance fees.


Is Chevy Cruze easy to maintain?

Yes, Chevy Cruze is very easy to maintain and repair.

Is it expensive to fix a Chevy Cruze?

No, fixing a Chevy Cruze is not very expensive.

Most of the Chevy Cruze components are well-built yet not expensive.

So, don’t worry if you own a Chevy Cruze.

It won’t cut your pocket.

How often should you service a Chevy Cruze?

In every 10000 miles.

You should service your Chevy Cruze every 10000 miles to know whether to replace any parts or not.

GM recommends taking service every 7500 miles.

But you don’t need to go to service every 7.5K miles cause it’s too soon.

Instead, take your car to the dealer every 10K miles.

Is the Chevy Cruze a long lasting reliable car?

Undoubtedly Yes.

A properly maintained Chevy Cruze can last up to 1000000 miles.

The reliability rating of the Chevy Cruze is 4 out of 5.

4 is a very high score reliability rating.

So, yes, Cruze is a long-lasting, reliable car.

Final Thoughts

Do these basic maintenances if you own a Chevy Cruze or any other car.

Basic maintenance boosts the car’s performance and ensures safety for the driver.

At the same time, it enhances life expectancy to a great extent.

So, never forget to perform these 8 basic maintenances of your Chevy Cruze.

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