How Many Miles Can a Chevy Cruze Last and Why?

The life expectancy of a car is a very important factor.

Sometimes car manufacturing companies manufacture cars with different inbuilt parts problems that don’t last long.

As a buyer of a car, you must know how many miles will your Chevrolet Cruze last before buying the car.

How Many Miles Can a Chevy Cruze Last?

Chevy Cruze lasts up to 250000 miles to 500000 miles.

The lifespan of the Chevy Cruze mainly depends on the car’s basic maintenance.

Poorly maintained Cruze will last around 250000 miles or less.

A properly maintained Chevy Cruze can last up to 500000 miles.

In the USA, the national average lifetime of a car is around 150000 miles or 10 years.

Chevrolet Cruze lasts more than the average national lifespan of a car.

Chevy Cruze easily lasts up to 10 to 15 years without replacing any major engine issues.

But sometimes, you may need to change the turbocharger to around 100k miles.

Speeding and quick acceleration cause stress to the engine and reduce its lifespan.

Shifting from drive mode to reverse mode before the car stops damage the transmission system and the engine early.

You should avoid such mistakes to help the engine last longer.

As we mentioned before, a properly maintained Cruze can last longer.

Here are 07 maintenance tips to enhance the lifespan and performance of your car.

How Long Do Chevy Cruze Last Compare to Similar Car Models?

If you are confused, should I buy a Chevrolet Cruze or another car in the same segment?

We have compared Chevy Cruze with its well-known competitor to clarify your confusion.

Go through the comparison; then, it will be easy for you to decide.

Other competitor cars of Chevrolet Cruze last around 350k miles but Chevy last up to 500k to 10,00000 miles.

We will compare Chevrolet Cruze with its 03 competitors to answer your question about why Chevy Cruze is better than its competitors.

Chevy Cruze Vs Toyota Corolla

The Chevy Cruze and Toyota Corolla are two of the most popular compact cars on the market.

Both offer a joyful ride, well fuel economy, and a long list of standard features.

The Chevy Cruze is standard with a 1.4L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine that makes 153 hp.

The Toyota Corolla is standard with a 1.8L 4-cylinder engine that makes 139 hp.

In the price comparison, Chevy Cruze is Cheaper than Toyota Corolla.

Chevy Cruze Vs Ford Focus

The Chevy Cruze and Ford Focus are both small, efficient, and affordable.

But in comparison, the Chevy Cruze is a better car overall.

Because, It has a more powerful engine, better fuel economy, and a higher safety rating.

The Ford Focus is a close second, though.

It has a nicer interior and a lower price tag.

Chevy Cruze Vs Hyundai Elantra

The Chevy Cruze and the Hyundai Elantra are great cars, but they have some clear differences.

The Cruze is a bit more expensive but has many more standard features.

It also has a much more powerful engine, is better looking, and has more horsepower, which makes it the better choice.

Is Chey Cruze a Reliable Car?

It’s a very common question.

Is a car reliable or not depends on some important factors.

After discussing the factors that make a car reliable or unreliable, we can conclude.

So, let’s discuss the factors shortly.

Engine Performance

Chevrolet Cruze has 3 engine variants, including 1.4L, 1.6L, and 1.8L turbocharged gasoline engines.

All the engine variants are 4 cylinders.

In most Chevy Cruze models, Chevrolet mostly uses a 1.4L four-cylinder turbocharged engine.

1.4L Cruze engine produces 153 horsepower and comes with a 6-speed automatic transmission.

Chevy discontinued the manual transmission Cruze model from the year 2019.

1.6L 4-cylinder diesel engine can produce 137 horsepower and comes with a 9-speed automatic transmission system.

All variants of Chevy Cruze engines have a long lifespan of around 300k miles.

So undoubtedly, Chevrolet Cruze has reliable engines.


Chevy Cruze is a compact-sized small car, so expecting a powerful engine is unwise.

Though the Chevy Cruze engine is not so powerful, it’s powerful enough to drive on the highway easily.

You can overtake medium-speed vehicles without any difficulties on the highway.

But don’t try to overtake high-speed vehicles; remember, your car doesn’t have a powerful engine.

All the compact-sized car has less than a 2L engine, like Chevy Cruze, which doesn’t produce huge horsepower.

So Chevy Cruze car is not for the high-speed car lover.

Gas Mileage

The gas mileage of the Chevy Cruze is up to 30 in the city and around 37 on the highway.

Cruze’s competitor cars provide 24 mpg in the city and 32 mpg on the highway.

So, without any doubt, Chevy Cruze is a gas-efficient car with very good gas mileage.


Chevy Cruze’s brand-new car price starts at $18,870.

The highest price of the Chevy Cruze Sedan is $26,495.

Its competitor’s starting price is around $22,000.

But Chevy Cruze has more horsepower, gas mileage, and lifespan than its competitors.

Cruze offers more specs but at less price.


GM started to manufacture Chevy Cruze in 2001.

Japanese Company Suzuki Motors manufactured the engine for Chevy Cruze at the beginning.

Usually, there are 3 engine variants of Chevy Cruze available in the market, 1.4L four-cylinder, 1.6L, and 1.8L Diesel four-cylinder EcoTec engine.

If you have queries like, how many miles can a 2013 chevy Cruze last?

All engine variants and model years can last more than 500k to 10,00000 miles or up to 15 years if properly maintained, as mentioned above.

Trust Rating Point

Chevrolet Cruze car’s trust rating point is 4 out of 5.

Rating 4 out of 5 is considered a very high rating point.

That is why Chevy Cruze is worth the money, and it’s a reliable car with decent features and a trustworthy, long-lasting engine.


How long does the 2014 chevy Cruze last?

2014 Chevrolet Cruze is the first-ranked car in the 2014 compacts cars ranking.

It has a 1.8L four-cylinder powerful engine that produces 138 horsepower.

With properly maintained 2014, Chevy Cruze lasted over 15 years with around 5,00000 miles.

How long will a 2019 chevy Cruze last?

2019 Chevy Cruze has a 1.4L turbocharged gasoline engine.

It’s a performance-oriented reliable engine that can produce 153 horsepower.

It has a 6-speed automatic transmission system.

It doesn’t cost a lot of bucks for maintenance.

Rather it lasts around 15 years or 500k miles if maintained properly, as mentioned above.


Now, you can choose Chevy Cruze or any of its competitors. It’s up to you.

But don’t forget to maintain your car timely because how long Chevy Cruze or any other car lasts depends on the maintenance.

If you follow our 07 maintenance tips, your vehicle will surely last longer.

Whichever car you buy, maintenance is a must, or it won’t last long to serve you.

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