06 Proven Ways | How to Pass Emissions with a Deleted Diesel

The practice of deleting diesel is illegal in many region of the world, but there are many users who do so anyway.

According to them, deleting diesel would increase their vehicle’s engine power and fuel economy.

You can pass emissions without diesel if you delete it, and I will show you how.

I have shared some tips and tricks for passing the emissions test with a deleted diesel in this article.

I personally don’t recommend deleting the DPF since it harms the environment.

However, if you want to pass the emission test with a deleted DPF, you can use any of the six methods provided below.

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How to Pass Emissions with a Deleted Diesel [06 Ways]

You can pass emissions with a deleted diesel in 06 ways: by tuning with an OBD scanner, controlling the smoke density, swapping emissions equipment during testing, using premium quality fuel, maintaining the engine, and changing driving habits.

Let’s discuss these methods.

01. By Tuning with OBD Scanner

will a deleted truck pass inspection

The computer of your vehicle shows that some parts are missing when you remove emission equipment.

You can find your missing components with the help of an OBD II scanner.

This situation is best handled by tuning your car.

Modifying a vehicle to increase efficiency, speed, or responsiveness is known as vehicle tuning.

There will be no error codes displayed on your vehicle’s computer after performing the tuning.

It is best to take your truck to a mechanic who has experience tuning trucks.

02. Controlling Smoke Density

will a deleted truck pass inspection in texas

Don’t allow your vehicle’s smoke opacity to exceed 20%.

You will be able to achieve this capacity by tuning.

You are unlikely to be stopped by traffic police if your vehicle emits less than 20% dense smoke.

03. Swapping Emission Equipment During Testing

can a deleted diesel pass emissions

The modern emission testing system is ingenious and makes passing the test extremely difficult.

Swapping old emission components during testing will help you pass the test.

Later, you can remove them.

04. Use Premium Quality Fuel

Premium quality fuel enhances engine performance.

Therefore, the engine burns as much as fuel and produces less amount of deposits.

On the other hand, low-quality fuel contains a high level of impurities and is responsible for increasing emissions.

After deleting, you must ensure to use high-quality diesel fuel.

As a result, you will get the high performance you want from your vehicle while lowering emissions.

This will increase your chances of passing emission test even after deleting emission systems.

05. Ensure the Engine is Working Optimally

If your engine works perfectly, your chances of passing the emission test increase.

So, pre-test the engine properly before the emission test.

Taking the vehicle to a professional testing center is the best way to test the engine.

In the USA, many testing centers are available that offer vehicle emission testing.

You check your vehicle performance there in advance.

06. Update Driving Habits

This is a trick that reduces emission readings to a sufficient level.

Before emission test, go for a long drive on the highway.

Make sure you maintain a constant speed while driving.

This will burn any deposits that have accumulated in the exhaust system.

In this way, the trick helps to show low readings during emission testing.

The following video may also help you pass emissions test every time:

Drive in a State Where DPF Deletion is Legal

There are no restrictions on deleted diesel in some states, such as Alberta (Canada).

You can drive a deleted vehicle there without any legal issues.

You should therefore choose states and provinces where deleted diesel is not a problem.

Some cities require emissions tests for gasoline vehicles, but not for diesels.

If you live in one of those cities, you’re lucky.


Will a deleted truck pass inspection?

Some tricks can help a deleted truck pass inspection, including:

  • Tunning the vehicle
  • Reduced the smoke density
  • Swap the emission equipment during testing

Is egr delete legal in Texas?

No, deleting EGR is illegal in Texas.

Every state in the U.S. prohibits EGR deletion, not just Texas.

Will a deleted truck pass inspection in Texas?

Yes, but there are some conditions.

Adding old emission components while testing, tuning the car/truck, etc., may allow you to pass inspection in Texas.

Can you get fined for a DPF delete?

Yes, DEF delete is illegal, so you will be fined for a DPF delete.

The EPA can fine you if you are caught driving a vehicle with a deleted DPF.

What vehicles are exempt from DEF?

There are around 155 vehicles exempt from DEF.

The following are some of their significant vehicles:

  • Firefighting vehicles
  • Disaster relief vehicles
  • Aircraft refuelling vehicles
  • Hauled vehicles
  • Snowmobiles
  • Special equipment vehicles
  • Miniature motorcycles, etc

What happens if you get caught with a deleted diesel?

Getting caught with deleted diesel will result in a fine.

The amount of the fine will be between $2,500 to $37,500.

Why is it illegal to delete a diesel truck?

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) makes it illegal to delete a diesel truck because it causes serious environmental pollution.

Furthermore, deleting a diesel truck voids the warranty.

Final Thoughts

Whether diesel should be deleted or not is a long-running debate.

Some users believe it boosts fuel economy and improves engine performance.

In case you have already deleted your diesel, you can follow the steps in the article to pass emissions tests.

Some dealerships also offer emissions testing before selling.

Take advantage of such offers if they are available.

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