Is 8×170 the Same As 8×6.5, And Will 8×170 Fit 8×6.5?

Often, people wonder whether bolt pattern 8×170 is the same as bolt pattern 8×6.5, which is a very common question.

In most cases, people are confused about whether they are the same lug pattern or if they are different ones.

I won’t let you down.

I hope you will find this article helpful.

I hope it will help you clear up any confusion you may have about whether or not you need wheel adapters to convert 8×170 to 8×6.5.

Is 8×170 the Same As 8×6.5?

No, but they are convertible.

You can convert an 8×170 bolt pattern to an 8×6.5 by using wheel adapters.

While converting 8x170mm to 8×6.5 inch or 8×165.1mm lug pattern, you may need to shave down the protruding studs of the wheel for the fitment.

After installing the wheel adapter, there will be 1.5-wheel space to allow you enough clearance for wider rims and tires.

You will need 1 pair of wheel adapters for 2 wheels, and for 4 wheels, you will need 2 pairs.

Read more about 4-wheel problems.

Is 8×6.5 the Same As 8×170?

Is 8x6.5 the Same As 8x170

No, but an 8×6.5 lug pattern will fit an 8×170 lug pattern with the help of wheel adapters and by trimming the protruding studs.

In this sense, the 8×6.5 lug pattern is the same as the 8×170 lug pattern.

I don’t recommend using wheel adapters, as using wheel adapters is a little bit risky.

What’s the Difference Between 8×6.5 and 8×170?

8×170 is 8x170mm.

8×6.5 inches is 8×165.1mm.

There is a 4.9mm difference between the 8x170mm and 8×6.5 inches truck bolt patterns.

Due to this difference, you will need a wheel adapter or spacer to fit the 8×170 to 8×6.5 lug pattern.

What's the Difference Between 8x6.5 and 8x170

An 8×6.5 lug pattern is used in-

  • Different Models of Chevrolet
  • Dodge
  • Ram
  • Ford
  • Dong Feng
  • Different Models of GMC
  • Hummer
  • Nissan
  • Mercedes-Benz

8x170mm lug pattern is mostly used in-

  • Ford-250
  • Ford-350
  • Ford Excursion

Traditionally, heavy-duty vehicles have used 8x170mm lug patterns since 1999, and most of them continue to do so today.

Will 8×170 Fit 8×6.5?

Yes, but 8×170 won’t fit an 8×6.5 lug pattern unless you use wheel adapters.

There is a 0.19-inch gap between the two-lug pattern.

Your vehicle’s studs will protrude outside the adapters, and you will need to shave down the studs for the fitment.

So, you will need a wheel adapter to fit 8 lugs 170mm to 8 lugs 6.5 inches.

You can use 4-wheel adapters to fit 8x170mm to 8×6.5-inch lug patterns.

But as a mechanic, I never recommend using wheel adapters cause using a wheel adapter is risky.

Instead of converting with a wheel adapter, you should always use the same lug pattern.

Will 8×6.5 Fit 8×170?

Yes, the 8×6.5-inch lug pattern will fit 8×170 wheels with the help of a wheel adapter.

You will need a 1,1.5,2 or 3-inch wheel spacer for the fitment.

8×170 to 8×6.5 Adapters [4 Types of Wheel Adapters]

There are 4 types of wheel adapters during the 8×170 to 8×6.5 conversion.

8×170 to 8×6.5 Adapters 1 inch

The 1-inch wheel adapter is the most used during the 8×170 to 8×6.5 conversation.

It’s the safest wheel adapter you can use if you insist on using one, even though I don’t recommend using them.

8×170 to 8×6.5 Adapters 1.5 inch

1.5 inch is the second most used wheel adapter for 8×170 to 8×6.5 conversation.

Most people use 1.5-inch wheel adapters.

A 1.5-inch wheel adapter is safer than a 2 or 3-inch wheel adapter.

8×170 to 8×6.5 Adapters 2 inch

A 2-inch wheel adapter is the third most used wheel adapter after the 1.5-inch.

A 2-inch wheel adapter is safer than a 3-inch wheel adapter but less safe than a 1.5-inch wheel adapter.

8×170 to 8×6.5 Adapters 3 inch

A 3-inch wheel adapter is not used very often.

It’s used rarely.

Using a 3-inch wheel adapter is risky as the wheel will come off 3-inch from the hub of the trucks.

I always discourage using a 3-inch adapter as the wheel may come off during harsh braking.

The possibility is not negligible, even though it is small.


What bolt pattern is 8×170?

The 8×170 bolt pattern on a wheel indicates that the wheel has 8 number of lug holes and 170 indicates the diameter of the circle formed by the center of lug holes.

Generally, the diameter is measured in millimeters. The 8×170 lug pattern is also written as 8×6.69 inches.

This bolt pattern is commonly used on heavy-duty trucks and SUVs.

What bolt pattern fits 8×6 5?

The 8×6.5 bolt pattern indicates:

  1. The wheel has 8 lug holes
  2. The bolt circle diameter is 6.5 inches or 165.1 mm.

So, the 8×6.5 inches or 8×165.1 mm bolt pattern typically fits with a similar one.

If you convert 8×6.5 with a slightly different bolt pattern, you need to use wheel adapters.

Can you change your bolt pattern?

Yes, you can change your vehicle bolt pattern.

There are two general ways to change the bolt pattern on a pickup truck.

  1. Using wheel adapters.
  2. Redrilling the hubs.

In my opinion, issuing wheel adapters is the best and easiest way.

On the other hand, the redrilling method is a permanent solution and requires heavy modifications.

What bolt pattern is Silverado?

Almost all generations of the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and heavier-duty models use the same bolt pattern 6×139.7.

This bolt pattern is also known as 6×5.5 when we measure it in inches.

This common bolt pattern makes it easy to find compatible wheels and tires for the Silverado.

Final thoughts on 8×170 to 8×6.5 Conversation

I don’t suggest converting 8×170 to 8×6.5 or 8×6.5 to 8×170.

If you need to make the conversion, you will need to use a wheel adapter or spacer, and using an adapter is a risky practice.

Your wheel may come off during driving if you use wheel adapters.

Although the possibility is low, it is still a possibility.

I suggest using the same lug pattern instead of converting one into another.

Use a 1-inch wheel adapter if you can’t find the same pattern of lugs.

Because using a 1-inch wheel adapter is safer than using a 3 or 2-inch wheel adapter.

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