Code U1041 Chevy Silverado [Cause, Solution and Symptom]

Chevrolet Silverado U1041 error code indicates a communication problem between the EBCM and other systems.

Your vehicle may display the U1041 code due to 04 factors.

In this article, I will discuss these 04 factors that cause the U1041 error code with symptoms.

Let’s get started.

Symptoms of Silverado U1041 Code

Your vehicle will show these symptoms before code U1041 appears

  • Check engine light appears
  • Brake light illuminates
  • Vehicle braking is reduced or lost
  • Traction control light pops up

Code U1041 Chevy Silverado [Cause and How to Fix]

Chevrolet Silverado code U1041 can be caused by four factors: faulty or damaged EBCM circuits, shorted or open connectors, and electrical connection problems.

01. Faulty EBCM

Faulty EBCM

A faulty Electronic Brake Control Module or EBCM is responsible for the U1041 code.

If there is any fault in the EBCM, it fails to communicate with its other connected parts.

When EBCM goes wrong, you will experience the following symptoms:

  • Check engine light turns on
  • ABS light flashes
  • A problem with ABS/traction control
  • Vibrations
  • You feel like you’ve lost your brakes when you lose your EBCM.

Since the EBCM determines all of the braking control sensors and applies Traction Control or ABS control when needed, if the EBCM fails, this process won’t function properly.

How to Fix

The problem may be resolved by reprogramming or replacing.

To reset the EBCM, take the positive wire out of the battery.

Let’s drain the battery by holding the brake pedal.

Your EBCM will be reset.

Now reconnect the positive battery to restore power.

Replace the EBCM if the problem doesn’t disappear after the EBCM is reset.

Replace an EBCM by following these 09 steps:

  1. Disconnect all the battery wires
  2. Uncover the engine and air filter housing
  3. Make sure you pick the right EBCM for your car
  4. Take off the two electrical harnesses on the left side of the EBCM
  5. Unscrew the four Torx screws from the EBCM
  6. Now, pull out the faulty EBCM
  7. Install a brand-new EBCM carefully
  8. Put everything back together
  9. Delete the error codes with an OBD-II scanner.

Contact your dealership or an experienced mechanic if you encounter problems with the process.

02. Physically Damaged EBCM Circuit

Physically Damaged EBCM Circuit

Sometimes, it doesn’t mean that the EBCM is faulty if the ABS light illuminates.

A physically damaged EBCM circuit may also cause the problem.

Damaged circuits don’t transmit the EBCM’s commands correctly, and you’ll experience inappropriate braking.

How to Fix

Get your car fixed at the dealership or service center.

A diagnostic test will be conducted to check if the problem is with the EBCM circuit, and if it is, replacing the circuit will solve the issue.

03. Shorted or Open Connectors and Wiring Harness

Shorted or Open Connectors and Wiring Harness

In most cases, U1041 codes are generated by a shortened or open connector on the Chevy Silverado wiring harness.

When a connector is shorted or open, EBCM fails to communicate, and the ECU (Electronic Control Module) displays U1041.

It could result in reduced braking power and become a safety issue.

Immediate action is required in this situation.

How to Fix

Fixing a shorted or open EBCM connector isn’t a smart idea.

Therefore, I always recommend replacing the connector with the latest one.

04. Electrical Connection Problems

Electrical Connection Problems

The EBCM needs a stable electrical power supply to control the electronic brake system.

Poor electrical connection means poor power supply.

Faulty or loose wire connections are responsible for Code U1041.

The appearance of the traction control light on the dashboard is the main symptom of this problem.

How to Fix

Make sure the wiring system is installed correctly.

If there is a faulty or loose connection, fix it.

For an accurate diagnosis, you can seek the help of an experienced mechanic.

Watch the video to see how it’s done.

Final Thoughts

U1041 error codes aren’t too difficult to diagnose and don’t cost much to fix.

The cost of ignoring it will be high.

If you see any symptoms mentioned in the article, use an appropriate scanner to diagnose and identify the issues.

If you find the U1041 code, take the steps mentioned in this article and fix the code.

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