Can OnStar Unlock My Car Without Subscription

Onstar offers various in-vehicle and roadside emergency services. Millions of GM and non-GM users are actively receiving services from Onstar.

Onstar can remotely access your vehicle and help you operate it. One of the most popular remote access features is the ability to unlock your car remotely when the keys are locked inside.

Every day, more than 1600 people unlock their vehicles in the US through Onstar emergency services.

OnStar team and OnStar emergency service rescue their customers from this unpleasant situation. However, let’s discuss whether OnStar can unlock cars without a subscription or not.

If you are thinking “can OnStar unlock your car without a subscription,” the answer is no.

Onstar only provides vehicle unlocking services with a subscription. All Onstar-compatible vehicles can use the feature during active subscription.

Your vehicle signals Onstar to disconnect from their virtual service when the subscription expires.

In emergencies, such as theft, kidnapping, or similar cases, OnStar offers limited functionality to your car to the law enforcement agency.

Besides, Crisis Assist notifies you about nearby disaster status, road conditions, and essential services.

Onstar confirmed that they are unable to provide remote unlocking for vehicles with unpaid subscriptions and even forbid users to subscribe when outside the car.

After a mother accidentally locked her keys and child in a GM SUV in 2019, this confirmation was given by the GM.

Mother quickly called Onstar to unlock the vehicle.

However, Onstar informed her that it would not be possible because the vehicle did not have a paid subscription.

So the mother immediately wanted to pay for the subscription to receive the service.

Onstern informed her that this would only be possible with someone pressing the blue button.

After that, the mother was forced to use local authority and break the window glass to save her child.

Everyone backlashed Onster so heavily that they had to confirm the fact on Twitter.

will onstar unlock car without subscription

4 Reasons Why Can’t Onstar Unlock Your Car

Let’s discuss 4 reasons why Onstar can’t unlock your car.

1. Unpaid Subscription

Onstar can only unlock your car if you have an active subscription plan.

Basic plan of Onstar for locking/unlocking the door costs $14.99 per month.

Subscribe to remotely access your vehicle with Onstar and pay your unpaid subscription on time.

2. Ineligible Vehicles

You can’t use Onstar in non-GM vehicles by default.

The Onstar Guardian app is mandatory for non-GM vehicles to connect with Onstar.

3. Out of network

Onstar devices won’t operate if you have no network connectivity.

Data connection is required for the OnStar app to access the key-fob feature.

4. Dead Battery

Onstar devices have an additional battery for backup.

If you have a dead battery, OnStar won’t be able to unlock your car.

Locking and unlocking mechanisms use the vehicle’s battery to operate.

You will need to call roadside assistance for help.

How Does OnStar Unlock a Car?

Onstar provides a super simple way to lock or unlock your vehicle from anywhere.

There are two simple methods to unlock OnStar-compatible cars.

Method 1: With the Onstar App

Onstar lets you unlock your vehicle with the Onstar Guardian App,myGMC,myChevrolet, myBuick, or other authorized apps.

You will need to provide account information to log in and use the key fob feature.

Onstar will ask you to enter your 4-digit pin to unlock your vehicle.

Method 2: By Calling the Onstar Advisor

You can call and connect with Onstar advisors at 1-888-466-7827.

Onstar advisors will ask you to confirm your identity along with your registration with Onstar.

For additional verification and safety, they might ask you a few security-related questions.

After the verification, Onstar advisors will ask for your confirmation to unlock your car.

Finally, you need to agree to remotely unlock your car door.

Note: You must have an active subscription plan to unlock your car with Onstar.

How Much Does Onstar Cost to Unlock Your Car?

OnStar remote access subscriptions start at $14.99 per month.

You can just lock and unlock your car door using apps as a standalone service.

The basic connectivity package costs $24.99 per month and includes all the remote access services.

However, this package does not include all necessary emergency services, like automatic crash response and roadside assistance.

You can get the safety and security package for $29.99 per month.

Safety and security features, along with all remote access features, are available in this package.

But network connectivity is not part of the deal here.

To get all the safety and security features, as well as remote access and connectivity, you will have to pay $39.99 per month.

However, to get all the features with voice command, streaming, and supercruise, you will need the premium package, which costs $49.99 per month.

Now you know the minimum monthly cost of Onstar service to remotely unlock your vehicle is $14.99.

Final Thoughts

No, OnStar can’t unlock your car if you don’t have an active subscription plan.

They can only connect to your vehicle if you push the blue button.

So don’t lock your vehicle, keep the keys inside, and be attentive while going on a road trip.

But if you have a habit of doing so, you should activate an Onstar plan for emergencies.

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