Where is the OnStar Fuse Located At and How to Remove It?

General Motors introduced the OnStar device in 1997 in Cadillac models.

Due to the lack of cell phones at that time, it was primarily intended for emergency purposes.

With time, new features have been added to the OnStar device, and the location of OnStar also changed depending on the model.

OnStar provides many features, such as roadside assistance, emergency services, navigation, and trucking the vehicle.

I have discussed the function and location of the OnStar module in this article.

What is OnStar Fuse?

The OnStar fuse is a telematic fuse found in GM vehicles and is part of the OnStar telematics system.

General Motors owns the telematics system and the OnStar subsidiary.

Where is the OnStar Fuse Located At?

In most GM vehicles, the OnStar fuse is located in the fuse box under the engine compartment.

The OnStar fuse is located inside the lid of the fuse box.

You can also use the owner’s manual to locate the OnStar fuse.

To locate the OnStar fuse, follow these steps:

  1. Open the hood
  2. Locate the main fuse box under the front hood
  3. Remove the cover of the main fuse box, which has two black steps, one on the right and one on the left side
  4. Pull up each of the tabs to remove the main fuse box
  5. You will find a red 10-amp fuse in the center of the main fuse box, known as the OnStar fuse.

Here is a video of locating the Chevy Impala (2006-2016) vehicle’s OnStar fuse.

How to Remove OnStar Fuse?

The easiest way to deactivate your OnStar is to contact customer care service.

You can contact customer care service by clicking/pressing on the blue button of the OnStar system or dialing 1-888-466-7827(the number may change over time).

If you want to remove or deactivate your OnStar fuse, you can follow these steps:

  1. Turn off your vehicle
  2. Open the trunk
  3. Lift the truck liner
  4. Pull out the spare tire
  5. If there is any cargo net, remove it
  6. Remove the truck still plate; sometimes, you may need to unscrew it to remove
  7. Uncover the OnStar device by pulling back the trunk shell on the right side
  8. Disconnect the cables connected to the OnStar device and unplug the OnStar
  9. Finally, rearrange the trunk components of your vehicle.

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To learn how to remove OnStar, you can watch this video.

Does OnStar have GPS Tracking?

OnStar provides so many features and one of its features is navigation and tracking.

However, OnStar using GPS tracking system to track your vehicle.

This feature is very helpful when a vehicle is stolen or requires directions to reach a destination.

The OnStar provides reliable technology and can be usable with its other features, such as roadside assistance and emergency help.

OnStar can access your live locations through GPS tracking to track your vehicle and provide navigation services.

It is a privacy concern for some people and they don’t want to share their live locations.

That’s why some owner’s want to disable the OnStar tracking system.

It’s important to note that simply unsubscribing from OnStar won’t stop OnStar from tracking you.

To stop OnStar tracking, you can remove the OnStar fuse.

Does Removing the Fuse Disable OnStar?

Removing the OnStar fuse disables it in some old vehicles.

However, the latest GM vehicles come with advanced features, and only removing the OnStar fuse can stop it from tracking you completely.

In this case, if you really want OnStar to stop tracking you, you must physically disconnect the module.

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Where is the OnStar fuse located at Silverado?

In Silverado, the OnStar fuse is located in the engine compartment inside the fuse box in front of the vehicle.

What to Do When Your OnStar Fuse Blows?

Like any other fuse, the OnStar fuse is responsible for providing electric power and protecting the OnStar system from damage.

Sometimes, electrical short circuit or overload causes the OnStar fuse to blow.

That disrupts the OnStar from functioning properly. Replace the blown OnStar fuse to fix the problem.

What is the OnStar fuse called?

The OnStar fuse doesn’t have a name.

It is used for navigation usually.

What does the OnStar fuse control?

The OnStar fuse controls security features, automatic crash response, allows the remote control to the vehicle if stolen, etc.

A modern infotainment system is available through OnStar to help with a wide range of emergency services.

There are blue and red buttons in the rearview mirror used to navigate through the OnStart system.

Which fuse is the Onstar fuse?

Inside the fuse box is a red 10-amp fuse, known as the OnStar fuse.

Does removing the fuse disable Onstar?

No, just removing the fuse does not disable OnStar.

The hardware of the OnStar may continue tracking your vehicle.

Physically disconnecting OnStar from your vehicle is the only way to disable it altogether.

Does Onstar have its own fuse?

No, as the OnStar device shares a circuit with other accessories, it does not have its own fuse.

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Final Thoughts

The OnStar fuse is generally located inside the fuse box.

The article explains the simplest way to find the OnStar fuse.

It will help you to locate the OnStar fuse on your vehicle.

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