Can OnStar Track My Car If Not Activated

OnStar is a GPS-based telemetric service with many features, including vehicle tracking.

Vehicle tracking service is very useful, as you can track your vehicle whenever you want.

OnStar vehicle tracking helps prevent vehicle theft and provides emergency services when you need them.

Many other services, like roadside assistance, real-time navigation, and crash response services, use the vehicle tracking feature.

All those features come with subscription plans, and if you unsubscribe or don’t renew your plan, OnStar terminates all the services.

Let’s discuss whether OnStar GPS can track my car if it’s not activated.

How Does OnStar Tracking Work?

OnStar relies on GPS technology to locate your vehicle’s position and status.

You can activate OnStar using the OnStar in-vehicle module or the OnStar Guardian app.

When you subscribe to one of OnStar’s plans, OnStar activates its vehicle tracking features.

OnStar can locate you anywhere if you are within cellular network coverage.

You can connect to OnStar with a button push from your OnStar module or the OnStar Guardian app.

OnStar helps drivers with directions to find their destination.

Law enforcement agencies also get help from OnStar to track your vehicle in case of theft or corresponding circumstances.

Emergency medical and rescue services also get to you with OnStar vehicle tracking.

You can subscribe to OnStar for all those services.

How Do I Know If OnStar Is Activated?

You can check whether OnStar is active or not by looking at the dashboard, checking your online account, checking the OnStar app, or calling an OnStar operator.

Firstly, you need to check your dashboard display panel for the OnStar logo.

OnStar’s blue logo will indicate that you have an active plan.

Secondly, if you are using an old car with no display or the logo isn’t showing, go to the website and check your online account status.

Thirdly, you can check your active status on the OnStar mobile app.

Log onto the app and go to the “My Account” section; your OnStar subscription isn’t active if you see the “Activate Now” button.

Finally, you can call OnStar operators at 1-888-466-7827 to be sure about your subscription.

Can OnStar Track My Car If Not Activated?

Yes, OnStar is able to track your vehicle without a subscription as long as the fuse module is installed in the car.

Even if there is no active subscription, OnStar can track your vehicle.

You will need to inform the police and contact OnStar customer service to provide them with information about your vehicle’s model, license plate number, etc., for tracking.

OnStar tracks your vehicle with an onboard GPS module through your cellular network connection.

So, they keep tracking your vehicle from the time you activate OnStar.

All GM vehicles have an OnStar module installed inside them.

Non-GM vehicle users use the OnStar Guardian smartphone app to access OnStar.

Without an active subscription, they can’t track your vehicle.

Though vehicle tracking is an essential service, you can ask them to remove the tracking service if you don’t want them to track you.

How to Activate OnStar Vehicle Tracking?

You can activate OnStar by pressing the blue button on the OnStar console in a GM vehicle.

Non-GM vehicle users must install the OnStar Guardian app to activate the service.

You will need to provide your vehicle’s information to complete the registration.

At first, you will get a 3-month free trial with some basic features.

Activate any suitable plan as per your needs to access your vehicle and start all services.

Vehicle tracking will start right after you subscribe to any OnStar plan.

Can OnStar Track a Stolen Car If Not Activated?

OnStar navigation can track a stolen car for both active and non-active users.

Active subscribers will get the stolen vehicle assistance service.

Non-active subscribers can also track their vehicle on OnStar but with the help of law enforcement agencies.

OnStar may charge a special fee for a non-active subscriber.

OnStar has developed new techniques to slow down or even shut down the vehicle using onboard control.


Can OnStar disable a stolen vehicle?

Yes, OnStar can disable a stolen vehicle. If your vehicle is stolen, contact the police and OnStar customer care immediately.

OnStar will disable the vehicle, stopping the thief from getting away with the stolen vehicle.

Can thieves disable OnStar?

Sadly, car thieves can disable OnStar, but every thief doesn’t know that.

Only a bunch of skilled thieves can steal a vehicle, as they know how OnStar works.

Contact the police as soon as possible so the thief doesn’t have enough time to disable OnStar.

Does OnStar need cell service?

OnStar relies on your cellular service provider to contact you. OnStar combines GPS and cellular technology to function.

If you are outside the cellular service area, OnStar cannot provide you with any service.

Final Words

OnStar is an important system that provides tons of useful features.

Stolen vehicle assistance is one of the most popular features, and OnStar can even disable the vehicle to avoid theft.

So, OnStar vehicle tracking is handy in cases of car theft or any emergency situation like a car crash or roadside assistance.

Also, in the event of a theft, contact the police and OnStar customer service immediately.

You can also subscribe to OnStar to enhance vehicle protection.

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