08 Methods | How to Unlock a GMC Sierra without Keys

It is a big problem if your truck is locked and the key remains inside the truck.

Locking your keys inside your truck is awful when you’re in a hurry.

There are some easy ways to get rid of this awkward situation.

Use the key fob to unlock the truck door, as it functions as a remote control to control the truck’s locking system.

If you do not have your key fob with you, use mobile apps to unlock the truck door.

To get help in an emergency situation like this, keep a spare key at home.

Or, you can use tools like a slim Jim, shoelace, airbag, coat hanger, etc., to unlock the door.

If you cannot unlock the truck door by yourself, call a professional locksmith and ask for his help.

These can help you unlock your truck’s door.

What is GMC Passive Door Lock?

The passive door lock is a keyless automatic door-locking method.

GMC provides vehicles with this manual locking system.

This feature is part of the automotive security system in GM vehicles.

After enabling this passive door lock, you don’t need to lock your vehicle with a key or key fob.

Park the truck, turn off the engine and get outside.

Within 10 seconds, your truck’s door will automatically lock itself.

You can find this amazing feature on your truck’s infotainment screen.

Go to settings, and you will find the passive door lock in the “Remote Lock, Unlock, and Start” option.

Now turn on/off this helpful feature from here.

How to Unlock a GMC Sierra without Keys [08 Common Methods]

There are 08 most common ways to get into your GMC Sierra without the keys, including using the key fob, the OnStar app, By using a spare key, an airbag, Slim Jim, a shoelace, or a coat hanker.

Method 01: By Using the Key Fob

A key fob functions as a keyless entry remote.

It can control both the locking and unlocking systems of a truck.

The key fob works in a very small range, like five to ten meters around the truck.

You can also lock your truck from the outside using a key fob.

If you don’t have the truck key with you and the truck door is locked, you can use the key fob to unlock the truck door.

Simply tap the unlock button on the key fob, and the truck doors will be unlocked.

Method 02: By Using OnStar Mobile Apps

By Using OnStar Mobile Apps

Connect your GMC Sierra to the OnStar RemoteLink app, which provides you with some beneficial facilities.

You must have a registered account with OnStar.

This app is nicely designed for GMC trucks.

This amazing app can help you when your truck is locked, and you don’t have a key or fob with you.

If you have an account with OnStar, you can use your phone to unlock your truck.

You will find an unlock option in this app, and you can open your locked doors using this.

It also works as a roadside assistant, crisis assistant, stolen vehicle assistant, etc.

Method 03: By Using the Spare Key

By Using the Spare Key

Having spare keys is a helpful option for unlocking a vehicle.

Make a spare truck key and keep it outside the truck.

It is a good idea to keep a spare key in case you lock the key inside your truck and need to use it in an emergency.

Making a spare key is not too expensive.

It may cost $3 to $5, but it is so helpful in emergency situations.

Method 04: With an Airbag

With an Airbag

You can unlock your GMC Sierra from the outside using only two tools.

You need an unlock airbag kit and a metal rod covered with plastic or rubber to unlock your truck’s door.

Allow all the air to escape from your airbag and place it directly in the door frame.

Now pump the air valve with your hand and fill the airbag with air.

You will notice a half-inch or one-inch gap at the top of your truck’s door after the airbag fills with air.

Enter the metal rod into the gap and pull the door handle hook.

Pull the metal rod and airbag back out of the door.

Your truck’s door is now open.

You can also watch this video to learn how to unlock your GMC truck with an airbag.

Method 05: With a Slim Jim

Slim Jim is a great truck-unlocking tool.

You can unlock your truck without a key by using a slim jim.

Its function is quite tricky.

Tape the window portion of your work area to protect it from scratches.

Insert the slim jim between the door window and weatherstrip.

Slowly pull the slim jim upward and backward.

Your truck door will be unlocked after attempting this step two or three times.

Slim Jim will not work if your truck has electric locks.

Method 06: With a Shoelace

With a Shoelace

When your key has been locked in your vehicle, and you don’t have any special tools around, you can use your shoelace to unlock the door.

You will need to make a medium-sized loop with the shoelace.

Add an additional shoelace with a knot to make the rope longer.

Enter the shoelace into the truck door and get the loop around the lock hook.

Pull both ends of your shoelace once the loop is around the lock.

The loop will pull the lock-up, the truck door will be unlocked, and you will be able to get into your truck.

Watch this video to learn how to unlock your vehicle with a string or shoelace.

Method 07: With a Coat Hanker

Coat hangers are an ingenious tool for unlocking a truck door without a key.

Take a coat hanger and straighten it as best you can.

Then let the hanger pass between the door and the truck’s body.

Try to reach the hanger on the door’s lock system.

Put it in the lock by pushing it forward and backward.

After attempting it two or three times, the truck door will unlock.

Method 08: By Calling a Locksmith

By Calling a Locksmith

After trying all the alternative methods, talk to a locksmith if you can’t unlock your GMC Sierra’s door.

Locksmiths are experts who have some incredible tools.

They can easily unlock your truck door without any damage.

They can even make a new key for your truck if you lose it.

Call a professional locksmith to get rid of this problem quickly.

How to Prevent Getting Locked Out of My GMC Truck?

Grab your keys before getting out of your truck to prevent getting locked out of your GMC truck.

Always keep the key fob in your money bag or purse.

Keep a spare key at your home to unlock your truck in any emergency.

You can control your lock by registering with a mobile app.

Following these steps, you can prevent getting locked out of your GMC truck.


Can I unlock my GMC truck with my phone?

Yes, you can unlock your GMC truck with your phone.

GMC trucks allow some mobile apps to control the locking system.

You must have a registered account in the OnStar app to control your truck.

It will control your truck like a remote.

So, you can smartly handle your GMC truck’s locking system with your smartphone.

Can I unlock my GMC without OnStar?

Yes. You can unlock your GMC without OnStar.

You can unlock your truck with a key fob.

Moreover, you can unlock the door using airbags, slim jims, etc.

How do you unlock a GMC truck door without a key?

There are many ways to unlock a GMC truck door without a key.

GMC provides a key fob with the truck.

The key fob can remotely control the truck.

It can be locked and unlocked with a key fob.

Airbags, slim jims, spare keys, coat hangers, shoelaces, and others can also be used to open the truck door.

Can I disable automatic door locking in my GMC Sierra?

Yes, you can disable the automatic door-locking system in your GMC Sierra.

Go to the home page of your truck’s infotainment screen home page.

You can see the settings menu here.

You will find the passive door lock in the ‘settings menu’s Remote Lock, Unlock, and Start options.

Turn off the automatic door lock system from here.

Your door will automatically stop locking after disabling this system.

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Final Thoughts

Do not panic or be struck if your GMC Sierra is locked and your key is inside.

There are many optional processes to unlock a truck without a key.

Instead of stretching your vehicle, think of and apply alternative methods to unlock it.

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