08 Ways | How to Unlock a GMC Acadia without Keys

The GMC Acadia is a General Motors crossover SUV.

The Acadia has four trim levels available on the market: SLE, SLT, AT4, and Denali.

The GMC Acadia has a sophisticated security system designed to prevent easy access.

If you lose your keys or lock them inside your GMC Acadia, you may face difficulties unlocking the doors.

There are 07 common ways to unlock a GMC Acadia without keys.

Depending on your comfort level, you can use any of them to unlock your Acadia.

01. Use Air Wedges

An air wedge is a strong, flexible inflatable bag that can be inflated by pumping air into it.

It is a handy tool to unlock your GMC Acadia.

To unlock your GMC Acadia with wedges, follow these 04 steps:

  1. Slip the air wedge into the top of the door frame.
  2. Make a small gap by pumping up the air wedge.
  3. Insert a long-reach grabber through the air wedge’s gap.
  4. Grab your lock with a piece of rubber at the end of the long-reach tool by pushing a button on another part and pulling it up.

By following these steps, your GMC Acadia will be unlocked.

02. Use the Key Fob

A key fob is a small remote control used in a system that lets you get into your vehicle without a key.

As long as your key fob is in good condition and works properly, you should be able to unlock your Acadia easily.

But if your key fob is damaged, you can unlock your car door by following these 05 steps:

  1. First, find the mechanical key hidden in the fob.
  2. There is a button. Push it, and you will have the key in your hand.
  3. The cap must be removed from the rear part of the driver’s door handle.
  4. Insert the mechanical key into the cap and push it until it is opened.
  5. You can see a visible keyhole once the cap is removed. Insert the mechanical key and turn it, and your SUV will be unlocked.

03. Use a Slim Jim

Slim Jim is a metal strip with a notched hook at the end, used to unlock automatic vehicles without keys.

Slim Jim is very useful and relatively cheap compared to other lockout tools.

But it often does not work on newer car models with an internal defense against this tool.

Follow these 03 steps to unlock your GMC Acadia with a Slim Jim:

  1. Put the hooked end of the Slim Jim between the window and the rubber seal of the window frame.
  2. Grab the rod connected to the lock.
  3. Try and pull the rod up by yanking it.

And the door will be opened.

04. Use the OnStar App

OnStar is a GM brand that offers services related to automobile location tracking.

If your GMC Acadia gets locked and you do not have the key, you can call OnStar or install the OnStar app on your mobile and use it.

OnStar will help you unlock your Acadia without keys.

Using OnStar is both safe and legal.

05. Use a Tennis Ball

You can also unlock your GMC Acadia with a tennis ball.

Follow these 04 steps:

  1. First, make a small hole in the ball for airflow.
  2. Place the ball hole facing the opening of the door’s key lock.
  3. Push to create as much air pressure as you can.
  4. The air pressure will help unlock the locked door.

06. Use Shoelace

Unlocking a GMC Acadia with a shoelace sounds quite unusual.

But it is a handy method to unlock your Acadia.

Follow these 04 steps to unlock your Acadia with a shoelace.

  1. First, tie a 2-inch-long slipknot with the shoelace loop.
  2. Take the shoelace and put the loop in the top corner of the door frame.
  3. Tuck the loop inside the locked door by pulling it down to the window’s lock.
  4. Hook the lock to the loop tightly and push it up.

The lock will be removed, and the door will be opened.

07. Call AAA Roadside Assistance

AAA stands for the American Automobile Association, a non-profit organization of motor clubs in the USA and Canada.

AAA provides its members with roadside assistance, car insurance, and other services.

You can call AAA roadside assistance if you are a AAA member and have to unlock your GMC Acadia without keys.

They’ll give you a locksmith or whatever else you need to get into your GMC Acadia.

Final Words

You can unlock your GMC Acadia with any of the methods mentioned above.

Some of them may not work correctly, or you may face difficulties.

In that case, you can use other methods available to you.

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