z71 Package Worth It or Not and What does the z71 Package Include?

Some people like off-road driving, and some need it.

To drive off-road, a vehicle must have better wheels, power output, durability, and protection systems.

Otherwise, the vehicle gets damaged quickly and cannot be driven.

If you are an off-road driving lover, then the z71 package is for you.

If you’re unsure whether upgrading your vehicle with the z71 package is worthwhile, don’t worry; I have your back.

I have explained all the important information about the z71 package, what comes with it, and its advantages and disadvantages.

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What is a z71 Off Road Package?

Manufacturers use different types of code to indicate other packages.

Among them, the z71 is an off-road suspension package manufactured by General Motors, ideal for off-road driving.

Many Chevrolets, mid-size trucks, and pickups use the package.

The package offers drivers a smooth off-road driving experience.

There is no particular meaning of Z for the z71 code, but z71 is known for smooth off-road suspension upgrades.

A truck’s off-road driving performance is greatly improved with the z71 package.

What Does z71 Package Include?

The z71 package provides almost everything that is needed for off-roading.

The following items are included in the z71 package:

01. Rancher Shocks

Rancher Shocks

Rancho Shocks is well-known for its truck suspension and technologies.

It provides better control and a smoother ride on challenging off-road terrain.

Rancho brand shocks come with the z71 package.

It ensures a comfortable driving experience that impresses off-road riding enthusiasts.

02. Metal Skid Shields

As the package is designed for off-roading, the vehicles require additional protection.

Metal skid shields provide additional protection for your vehicle.

It protects the fuel tank, suspension, rear differential, transmission, and other major parts.

03. Hill Descent Control

Hill Descent Control

You will get hill descent control with the z71 package, which enhances your off-road driving safety to the next level.

When riding on rough terrain or steep slopes, the control keeps your truck speed at a safe level.

Hill descent control holds your truck at 5 to 22 km per hour, making your vehicle more stable.

04. 18 or 20-inch Wheels

In off-road driving, the wheels allow your truck to maneuver more efficiently, reduce grip loss, and make it more stable.

Controlling is better with 18-inch wheels than with 20-inch wheels.

05. Tow Hooks

Tow or recovery hooks come with the z71 package.

If your vehicle gets stuck and needs to be towed, tow hooks make it easy for you to move it again.

06. Dual Exhaust System

Dual Exhaust System

The z71 offers a dual exhaust system instead of a single one.

Therefore, exhaust gases are easily released, which improves the engine’s horsepower and fuel economy.

07. Cleaning System

Off-road riding causes a vehicle to accumulate dust and debris in its engine compartment.

So, a high-intensity air cleaner is required to remove dust and debris.

The z71 package provides a high-capacity air filter to meet the requirements.

08. The G80 Automatic Locking Rear Differential

Truck wheels need high power for driving in hilly areas.

The z71 package has an automatic locking rear differential system that maximizes wheel power.

09. 2-Speed Transfer Case

The z71 package includes an additional set of gears.

Your off-road driving experience will be smoother as the additional gears are designed to handle rough road conditions.

Is the z71 Package Worth It?

The z71 package is meant to give you great performance and comfort when riding off-road.

The z71 package is undoubtedly worth it if you are an off-road rider.

Its upgraded shocks, 18-inch wheels, hill descent control, and suspension upgrades improve off-road performance.

Its additional protective components ensure the vehicle’s maximum protection.

Vehicles with the z71 package get cool-looking wheels with aggressive tires.

The front side of the vehicle also looks fantastic and aggressive because of the brushed metal sill plates.

The package increases the vehicle’s resale value.

The z71 is capable of off-road or rough terrain driving as well as heavy-duty activities, making it a worthwhile purchase.

How much does the z71 Package Cost?

The z71 package costs around $2,000 to $3,500.

It is challenging to say the exact price of the z71 package, as it depends on many factors.

The price range may vary depending on your state or province and your Chevy truck’s bed size.


Which is better z71 or 4×4?

z71 is better than 4×4.

The 4×4 comes with a standard package, while the z71 premium package has many advanced features.

Its advanced protection system and performance in rough terrain make it superior to 4×4.

Which is better z71 or LT?

z71 is better than the LT package.

The LT and z71 both offer off-road capabilities.

They are the same in intention and specification.

The z71 and LT’s key differences are interior and exterior design, shocks, and performance.

The LT comes with 16-inch wheels, while the z71 comes with 18 or 20-inch wheels, which gives the z71 superiority.

The LT does not have an automatic interior mirror, but it is available on the z71.

The powerful shocks make the z71 more capable of off-road driving.

What trim is a z71 package?

The z71 is an all-terrain trim that comes with the AWD standard package and provides all the necessary items for on- and off-road driving.

The z71 trim is available on the Chevy Silverado, Tahoe, Colorado, and Suburban.

Final Thoughts

The exterior style and comfort of the z71 package will delight you.

Your truck can easily handle tough road conditions with its powerful shocks, hill-control system, wheels, and other features.

Even though the z71 package costs a lot, many drivers have had good experiences with it and think it’s worth the price.

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