How to Make L5P Louder without Deleting [04 Methods]

Many truck lovers want to make their trucks louder.

You can make your Duramax L5P louder in two ways: by removing the factory exhaust and replacing it with an aftermarket exhaust or adding a cold air intake.

But presently, in order to reduce air pollution and environmental impacts, it is now illegal to remove emission prevention systems.

The vehicle exhaust emission system includes DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid), DPF (Diesel Particular Filter), electrostatic precipitators, air filters, and a few other components.

In this article, I have discussed three methods that make your Duramax L5P louder without deleting.

Even though it is less effective than dilation, it keeps your warranty and protects you from illegal processing.

To perform the process you need to know about the L5P Duramax specification too.

How to Make L5P Louder without Deleting [04 Methods]

There are 4 ways to make your Duramax L5P louder without deleting, including installing cold air intakes, installing high-performance mufflers, replacing the turbos, and installing resonaltor delete pipe.

1. By Installing a Cold Air Intake

how to make l5p turbo louder

Adding a cold air intake will increase your L5P sound significantly.

A cold air intake helps the engine get cooler air and perform better.

Adding cold air intake to your engine won’t require you to change the exhaust, but it will sound louder and more aggressive.

Installing a cold air intake costs approximately $100 to $500.

To make your truck louder, you should only buy a cheap CAI that costs $200 since it may not increase the sound as you expect.

It’s better to buy a CAI, which costs $300 to $500, to make your L5P louder without deleting.

2. By Upgrading the Exhaust System

By Upgrading the Muffler

A high-performance muffler exhaust system makes a vehicle louder and enhances its performance.

Replacing the exhaust system with a high-performance muffler will significantly increase the performance and sound of the engine.

The exhaust system helps to exit gases easily, which improves engine performance and makes the vehicle louder.

Check your state’s law before installing a muffler since some states don’t allow it.

Generally, a high-performance muffler costs $75 to $100, but if it’s made of superior-quality material and thicker, it can cost up to $300.

3. By Replacing the Turbocharger

By Replacing the Turbocharger

The most common reason for installing a turbocharger is to increase an engine’s horsepower and torque.

Generally, it doesn’t increase the exhaust sound but indirectly makes the engine sound better.

However, this process costs around $450 to $2800 because it also requires replacing some other parts.

Replacing the turbocharger should be done correctly. Otherwise, it causes several problems and may cause bad fuel mileage in the Duramax engine.

So, replace it with a professional technician.

4. Installing a Resonator Delete Pipe

Another easy way to make Duramax L5P louder is by installing a resonator delete pipe.

If you have a stock exhaust system, adding resonator delete produces a noticeable amount of noise when you accelerate the vehicle.

In contrast, if you have an aftermarket downpipe, installing resonator will amplify the existing exhaust noise a lot.

It is easy to install a resonator delete pipe, which requires a few hand tools.

In my personal experience, the throatier and more pronounced turbo sound is very enjoyable.

However, the resonator also increases cabin noise.

Here is a video that shows the entire process.


How to Make l5p Turbo Louder?

The most effective way to make your L5P turbo louder is to delete the muffler and add a straight stainless pipe.

You can also upgrade the exhaust system so that emissions pass directly.

Most L5P turbo users follow this procedure to make their trucks louder.

However, this is illegal in the majority of states in the USA.

Your vehicle’s warranty will also be voided if you delete the muffler.

So, be sure and research properly before opting for deleting the muffler.

Read here about how to pass emissions with a deleted diesel.

What is the penalty for deleting DPF?

Deleting DPF is illegal in many states.

So, deleting the emission system and adding non-SMOG-complaint items may result in penalty.

Generally, deleting DPF and adding illegal parts results in a fine of up to $5,000.

How to Make l5p Louder?

Here are some ways to make your L5P louder:

  • By deleting the muffler
  • Adding a larger exhaust system
  • Installing a cold air intake
  • By adding downpipe
  • By deleting the catalytic converter
  • Installation of straight pipes
  • By drilling holes in the exhaust, etc.

Why does a person tend to delete an L5P?

A lot of drivers think that deleting DPF enhances vehicle performance and reduces maintenance costs.

However, many drivers like the louder noise when driving on the roads.

Many drivers also become confused about whether to delete or not.

That’s why you should know the DPF delete pros and cons before doing it.

How Can I Make My Truck Sound Deeper?

You can make your truck sound deeper by adding a cold air intake.

It is the most effective way to make your truck sound deeper.

When you release the gas pedal, the sound follows through the air intake, which makes the sound more aggressive and deeper.

Read also the difference between LML and L5P.

Final Verdict

Adding a new turbocharger is the most costly of these three methods.

As a mechanic, I suggest installing a cold air intake to make your Duramax L5P louder without deleting.

Besides being cheaper, it’ll improve your driving experience and increase your engine’s horsepower and torque.

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