Why is My Radio and Turn Signal Sound not Working [Cause and Solution]

There are times when the car’s radio and turn signal sound do not work as they should.

Nothing is more frustrating than driving a car with a malfunctioning radio or a turn signal indicator without sound.

It is important to know what you should do when your car radio and turn signal sound do not work and what you should do to fix this.

If you are facing any of these issues, do not worry; I have your back.

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Why is My Radio Not Working?

In most cases, the 05 causes listed below are the most likely causes of your vehicle’s radio not working properly.

These 05 causes seem to be at the root of the problem.

Cause 01: Blown Fuse

Cause 01: Blown Fuse

The car radio may stop working if the related fuse has blown.

Fuses can be blown as a result of short circuits or other electrical problems.


There is no other option than to replace the blown fuse.

Find out which fuse controls the car radio.

Turn off your car’s electricity system before opening the fuse box.

The fuse box can be located on the car’s dashboard on the left side under the steering wheel.

Some vehicles have that box under the hood, next to the battery.

Now find out the specific fuse that controls your car radio.

Check out the fuse diagram, and you will get the related fuse location.

Pull out those fuses that are marked for the radio system.

Use fuse removal to take out the fuses from the slot.

You can also remove it with your hand.

Check the condition of the fuses with a multimeter or testing light.

The signal from your testing tool will notify you whether your fuses are good or bad.

If you find any problem with these fuses, change them to fix the problem.

You must replace the faulty fuse with a new one having the same ampere.

Fix the new fuse in the same slot with a fuse removal tool or with your hand.

Now check your radio after fixing this problem.

Cause 02: Wiring Issue

Cause 02: Wiring Issue

Car radios can stop working if the connection wire has any problems.

A lot of resistance in the wires can be harmful to the radio or any electrical system.


Fixing the wiring issue is a little bit inconvenient.

You need to remove the radio from its place to check the wiring system.

Take a screwdriver and open all the screws around the steering wheel.

Then try to remove the cover around the radio from the dashboard.

You can easily take the radio out of the car’s dashboard now.

After removing the radio, you will notice a bundle of wires in the gap.

Now it is time to check the ground connection and the voltage of the wires.

Use a multimeter or a voltmeter here to measure the wire voltages.

The voltage should be around 12 volts.

You need to change the related wire if you have a low or high voltage.

Solving the wiring issue takes the radio back to its proper place.

If the problem is with the wires, close the dashboard and your radio will start working again.

Cause 03: Amplifier Failure

Cause 03: Amplifier Failure

The radio amplifier can overheat or shut down, causing the radio to malfunction.

If the amplifier turns off, the radio will stop working.

Let us solve the issue.


This is not a serious issue to worry about.

Maybe there is a loose connection or other minor problem that can be fixed easily.

Check the ground connection first and ensure that the wire is hooked to a metal surface.

Normally, the blue wire indicates the amplification cable.

If the voltage of this power cable remains around 12 volts, then it is okay.

But if you find the voltage too high or too low, change the cable.

Besides, the metallic surface connected to the wires should always remain clean.

Also, blown speakers and low impedance cause the amplifier to overheat and shut down.

So, check whether these issues are present or not.

Then turn on your car’s radio, which will work if there is an amplifier problem.

Cause 04: Bad Antenna or Tuner

Cause 04: Bad Antenna or Tuner

A broken or bad antenna cannot receive the radio signal, so the radio does not work.

And if the tuner is not good, you will get a bad sound system.


The antenna receives the radio signal, and the sound comes out of the speaker.

The antenna can be broken for many reasons, as it is located outside a car.

A broken antenna cannot receive a radio signal, and the radio cannot work without a signal.

If your antenna is broken, remove it from its socket and replace it with a new one.

It is so easy to replace the antenna head.

But if there is a problem with the antenna wires or the antenna gets damaged, follow the next steps.

The only solution to this problem is to replace the antenna with wires.

Open the weather strip around the antenna area inside your car.

You will find a connection socket here; separate those connected wires.

Now you can remove the antenna from your car’s roof very easily.

Carefully remove the antenna and its wire from the car.

Now place a new antenna here and enter its wire carefully into the hole in the car’s roof.

Connect the antenna sockets to the sockets inside the car’s roof.

It is now receiving radio signals.

A bad tuner is another problem that will give you trouble while you listen to anything on the radio.

The tuner is located inside the car radio box.

If the tuner fails, there is no other option but to replace the car radio box.

Cause 05: Hardware and Internal Problems with Radio

Cause 05: Hardware and Internal Problems with Radio

Car radios have many knobs and buttons outside to control them.

And it also has a powerful electrical board inside it that controls its whole working system.

The car radio will stop working if there are any faulty hardware or electrical connections.


You command the radio with its power button or other knobs.

These buttons and knobs may become loose after using the radio for a long time.

This can cause your car radio to not work properly.

Take help from expert mechanics to solve the problem with its buttons or knobs.

The radio has a complex circuit inside it.

Problems with this circuit can happen, so the radio may stop working.

Try to solve the problem with expert mechanics or replace the whole radio box.

Why is My Turn Signal Sound Not Working?

Five reasons can result in your car’s turn signal sound not working properly.

Let us take a look at these 05 causes along with their solutions.

Cause 01: Faulty Fuse

Cause 01: Faulty Fuse

There are fuses to control the turn signal blinking sounds.

The fuses can be blown out, which may cause the turn signal not to make a blinking sound.

Here is an easy solution to this problem.


The fuses that control the turn indicators are located in the fuse box.

You may find your fuse box on the dashboard or under the car’s bonnet.

Instead, check the car’s manual to find the fuse box.

Now check out the related fuse from the fuse diagram.

Take the fuses out with a fuse removal tool or carefully remove them by hand.

Check the fuses with a multimeter or a tester light to see if they are blown.

If any fuse has a problem, change it and replace it with a new one having the same ampere.

Now start your car and notice the turn indicator.

It will make a blinking sound after fixing this problem.

Cause 02: Bad Speaker

Cause 02: Bad Speaker

If the speaker goes bad, the turn signal may stop making a blinking sound.

Some cars have only one speaker for the radio and turn signal sounds.

Some have two different speakers.

Let’s discuss the issue.


Turn signal sounds come from a speaker located inside the car.

The speaker can be found behind the instrument panel or on another part of your car’s dashboard.

Using a Little Flat Pri bar, remove the speaker cover.

You can see a speaker here engaged in a screw.

Unscrew the speaker using a screwdriver.

Now check the connection behind the screw.

You need to replace the speaker if the connections and wires are good.

Replacing the speaker is also very easy.

Disconnect the old one from the connection and place the new one, following the same process.

Cover the speaker again, and your turn signal sound will work perfectly.

Cause 03: Issues with Instrumental Cluster

Cause 03: Issues with Instrumental Cluster

The turn signal speaker is connected to the instrument cluster.

So, it will stop working for the faulty instrumental cluster.


The internal electrical problem caused the instrument cluster failure.

You will not see any turn signal blinkers or hear any blinking sounds from your faulty instrument cluster.

Replacing an instrumental cluster will cost a large amount.

The price range is between $200 and $400, depending on its features and quality.

Try to choose a better model with premium quality for better service.

Change the instrumental cluster to fix the problem.

Cause 04: Faulty Relay

Cause 04: Faulty Relay

Turn signal blinker may stop making clicking sounds if the relays have any problems.

The relays mainly control the sound system of the turn blinker.

Change the relay, and your turn signal sound will work.


If the turn signal relay fails, the turn light and blinking sound will stop working.

Changing the faulty relay is the best solution.

The relays are usually located in the fuse box.

Check the relays with a multimeter and find out the bad relay.

Now take a new one and replace it with the faulty one in the same position.

After solving the issue, your turn signal will start working with a blinking sound.

Cause 05: Battery Problem

Cause 05: Battery Problem

A car battery controls the whole internal system of a car.

If the battery gets damaged, the turn signal will stop working.

This is a big issue affecting the turn signal and other parts of a car.


You must change the car battery if a problem occurs with your damaged battery.

Car batteries may get damaged by voltage drops or other internal problems.

Normally, a battery supplies 12 volts to 14 volts.

Though replacing a car battery is a little costly, you have no other option but to replace it.

Buy a new battery and replace it using your essential tools.


Is there a fuse for radio sound?

Yes, some fuses control the radio sound.

These fuses are in the fuse box located on the dashboard or under the car’s hood.

Check the fuse diagram to find the fuses related to the radio system.

If your radio is not working properly and there is a fuse-related issue, then change the related fuse.

Where does the sound from the turn signal come from?

The turn signal blinking sound comes from the speaker.

The speaker is on the dashboard in most cases; check your car manual to find it.

Some cars have a speaker for both the radio sound and turn signal sound, and some have different speakers.

If the speaker goes bad for internal reasons, the turn signal blinking sound will not work.

What is the most common cause of turn signal problems?

Turn signals can cause many problems for some tiny, faulty devices.

Some internal issues cause the turn signal to hyper-blink or not make a blinking sound properly.

Flasher socket problems, blown fuses, ground wiring connection problems, relay problems, etc., are the common causes of the turn signals.

These problems are minor, and you can fix them easily.

Besides, you can check out the exact problem and call a mechanic to fix your turn signal.

Why does my radio turn on but no sound?

The car radio can turn on but remain silent if problems are related to the radio sound system.

There may be problems with the speaker or fuse, and so on.

Try to find out where the exact problem is and fix it.

You can fix blown fuses and other wiring issues by yourself at home.

Or try hiring a mechanic to solve these issues.

Why is my car radio sound not working?

The car radio stopped working due to internal issues.

It can be caused by a blown fuse or bad wiring issues.

Besides, the radio antenna or tuner stops receiving signals sometimes, which causes the radio sound not to work.

Why is not my blinker clicking?

The turn signal blinker makes a blinking sound at the time your car takes a turn, left or right.

This blinking sound comes from a speaker inside the car.

The speaker failure causes the turn signal blinker not to blink.

There are also many more problems like relay problems, fuse problems, wiring issues, and so on.

If your vehicle experiences any of these issues, the blinker will stop making a clicking sound.

Why there is no sound from radio or turn signals of my car?

The radio’s sound system and turn signal may not function properly due to a variety of factors.

Speaker problems are one of the most common issues.

Changing the speaker is the solution to this problem.

There may be other problems, like blown fuses, faulty relays, and wiring issues, causing the sound system to not work as it should.

Try to find out where the problem is and fix it to eliminate it.

Final Thoughts

Now you know why your radio or turn signal sound is not working.

Now you should be able to solve the problem on your own.

Alternatively, you can ask a nearby mechanic to fix the problem if you are not a grease monkey.

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